4 Must-Haves for New Parents

4 Must-Haves for New Parents

There are thousands of must-have new parent products from the best nursing bra to various apps to help you stay organized in the first few weeks of bringing your baby home.  Yet, something seems to be missing from the postpartum must-haves list.  Today, we are making our own must-have list for all new parents.  And we promise, this list is universal for both Moms and Dads alike.


Parenting is a challenge, and for each decision they make, there are 100 equally as good alternatives.  To be a good friend or sibling, allow the new parents in your life to feel like they made the right decision, because they did!  They made the decision that fit their life.  Maybe it was not the decision you would have made, but that does not make it wrong.  Give them the space not to have to defend their actions, but rather know someone they love believes in their parenting style.

A Few Extra Minutes

If you are meeting a new parent out for a cup of coffee, or coming to their home for a visit, allow them some extra time.  Packing a diaper bag in itself is a chore, but also getting yourself and a baby ready makes it near impossible to be on time! Help the new parents by asking how you can help simplify life for them. If you are meeting out of their home, tell them you have a book and will happily relax so they do not need to rush.  If you are meeting them at their home, offer to grab lunch or a coffee just to help simplify the visit.  

Adult Conversations

The first few months with a new baby can be lonely.  New parents are on a completely different schedule than the rest of the world, so being awake at 3am and asleep at 3pm is just par for the course. Because of the hectic schedule, it can be hard to socialize and maintain the ever so important friendships.  Plus, talking about dirty diapers, how many ounces of milk or formula was in the last bottle, or how its next to impossible to ever find a clean, matching pair of socks, can get tiresome.  Be supportive, but also be present, and let them know even though they are now a parent, they are still your friend! Text and call like you normally would and make the same amazing jokes that you shared pre-baby, they will appreciate being recognized for more than a milk machine or professional diaper changer.


But, while it is important to spend time with the new parents on their schedule, it just as important to respect that sometimes privacy is all they really want.  Always check in before coming over, because naps are irregular (and precious) and showers can be uncommon. Also, do not take it personally if they would rather you don’t visit right away. The first few days and weeks are amazing and sometimes painful.  Having too many visitors, even well meaning visitors, can be too overwhelming.  We promise, they still love you, they just need some privacy.