This weekend we are celebrating the 4th of July, Independence Day, the day the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, 241 years ago! Freedom, it is an incredible thing we have in this country, here at CBW we are thankful for this freedom, especially the freedom that comes into the conception, pregnancy, labor and delivery arena. 

Freedom in Birthing Choices

Let’s talk a little bit about that, shall we? The United States has seen a resurgence in midwifery care in the past few years with new birthing centers, the infamous documentary “In the Business of Being Born”, and women taking back their choices when it comes to pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Whether you decide to be under the care of an Obstetrician or Midwife, give birth at a hospital, birth center or your home, take no medications or choose an elective cesarean, one thing remains the same, we have choices! How amazing is that? The labor and delivery process in the United States has evolved and will continue to evolve, let’s be encouraged that the pregnant person has choices! 

Doulas in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham Supporting You

Here at CBW we are grounded in supporting whatever choices you make for you and your family. We fully subscribe to the notion of independence, if making out with your partner is what you want to do while pushing your baby out, go for it (we have seen it); if absolutely trusting your medical provider and going with whatever they suggest makes you feel free, go for it; if having 10 people at your birth is how you picture your freedom, go for it! We are here to support you and your family in whatever way you choose. How amazing is it to have 1 person in your corner that absolutely supports whatever decision you make, that is 100% nonjudgmental, unbiased? That is true freedom! 

So we hope you will celebrate with us today! Celebrate the 241 years this county has been free, celebrate all the freedoms we have, celebrate yourself and your independence, because we sure do!

-The CBW Team