Mantras for Parenthood

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We often talk with our birth doula clients about using affirmations and mantras to help with the birth process as they can be extremely helpful to cope. And in the same light, using affirmations as a new parent can be encouraging. Here are a few of our favorites:

I Am A Person 

Believe it or not, you are more than a parent, milk machine, or diaper changing genie. You are person with needs, and you are allowed to take care of those needs. So yes, you are allowed to go to the bathroom, finish your meal, drink your coffee and even shower while you have a new baby.

The Days/Nights Are Long But The Years Are Short 

This is one of my favorites. It can seem like eternity as you are up caring for your baby, but in a blink of an eye you will have a three old that sleeps, a 16 year old who drives, and then faster than you know, an 18 year old off to college.

I Can Do Hard Things

This one was taken from our birth affirmations blog because like birth, parenthood is hard. But we know you are up for the challenge.

Own my Power

Own your power as a woman, as a person, as a badass caregiver. 

This Too Shall Pass.

Despite what it may seem like, a newborn cannot cry all the time. They will stop, and this hard point will also pass soon.

My Baby Will Only Be This Age Once 

This affirmation is interesting, as it can elicit powerful emotions from parents. Reminding yourself that your baby will only be this age is bittersweet, they will soon sleep through the night, but they also soon will grow up. 

My Baby is Only X Days/Weeks/Months Old

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While your baby is crying, reminding yourself that he or she is only a few days/weeks/months old can reaffirm that everything that is happening is normal for this age. 

I Love My Baby

When it’s hard, it is okay to remind yourself of this fact. 

There Are Thousands of Parents Awake Right Now With Me

Being a new parent can be isolating. You are awake at weird times, you don’t always shower, you may forget what the date is, but it is reassuring to look our the window and know that there are more than a few new parents up at the exact same time as you.

We would love if you share your favorite affirmation in the comments that helped you get through a tough patch in parenthood.

Our postpartum doulas can work with you to find the strength, words, and skills to be an amazing new parent!