Birth Affirmations 

Birth Affirmations 

Birth affirmations are a powerful way to encourage yourself during the most challenging parts of labor, even when you would rather just take a nap. Both verbal and written affirmations can help you have a focal point, while also having a goal. The written affirmations can be placed strategically around the birth room so that wherever you are, you have visual encouragement. Other clients prefer to have all of the visual affirmations in a central, localized area so that they can read them all at one time. Verbal affirmations can come from your doula, partner, midwife, nurse, or doctor, and can have the ability to encourage you.

The Problem with Birth Affirmations

You can tell yourself over and over that one thing will happen, be it with your birth, your partner, your best friends, or even your family, but that does not mean it will happen. Birth affirmations that tell you to trust what is happening, or what isn’t happening, can sometimes have less than stellar results if plans change (which is common, as birth is very unpredictable). We encourage our clients to use visual birth affirmations carefully, and understand that while encouragement for one aspect of birth may be helpful, it certainly is not a guarantee. 

Customized Birth Affirmations

We encourage you to make your own birth affirmations, that are specific to you. Thinking about the best way you receive encouragement is important to learn exactly what type of affirmations you would respond best to when you may need the encouragement the most. Are you funny, serious, religious, spiritual, sarcastic, natural, zen, practical, etc.? Use those traits when thinking about what affirmations you will respond positively to. A very practical person may not be encouraged when they see a more abstract idea, while a more funny person can get annoyed with a more serious affirmations. 

Customized Verbal Support

During our two prenatal appointments, our birth doulas will get to know you, your partner, and your goals for birth. We ask you questions to learn more about your goals for having a doula, but we also ask questions to learn about what makes you feel happy, calm, and supported. We learn how we can customized our verbal support so our doulas are the best doulas for you. 

Our Favorite Five Etsy Birth Affirmations 

While making birth affirmations can be a fun prenatal project, ordering them from online can make the process much easier. Below are a few of our favorite visual birth affirmations from Etsy: 

So do you think birth affirmations will be important to you during your birth? Did you use them in the past? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments. 

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