Certified Birth Doulas In The Triangle

Certified Labor Doulas In Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill

Carolina Birth and Wellness is proud to announce that both of our doulas, Emily and Morgan, are now Certified Labor Doulas through ProDoula! We are sure the next question you have is what exactly is a certified doula and why do I need a certified doula? Well, short answer, you don't but it's a nice bonus.

Professionalism Matters 

Since doulas are not state regulated, anyone can say they are a doula. And most people that go into the profession of being a doula, have in fact been a doula all of his or her life. Being a doula is being the person that friends go to when they are unsure of the options. Doulas love to listen and hear your concerns. Being a doula is being the person that doesn't have an opinion about your decision, but is there to support you. Our opinions do not matter when it comes to your choices, and you will never receive any judgement about those opinions from us. Being a doula is being that person that helps you explore all sides of the issue so that you, not someone else, can make the decision you are most comfortable with in the long run. We have a ton of information floating around in our heads about pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period for the sole reason to help you understand ALL of your options. We will explore what it means to this now, or that later, and everything in between. 

Why hire a certified doula?

But, a certified doula says that we are professional. We have chosen this career not only because we love it and care about others, but because we believe in the Professional Doula. We believe that even though the state does not require us to have a license to say we are doula, we do believe we should be trained and held to a set of standards by a larger organization.

Certification Process

So what exactly goes into being a professional, certified doula you ask? First, we attended an intensive birth doula training by an international certifying organization. Our training was standardized and not subject to the opinions of the trainer. What we learned was rooted in evidence to ensure that we knowledgeable. We became experts in our field. We learned about supporting unmedicated births as well as cesarean births, and everything in between. We then learned about every single one of our area birthing places. This knowledge furthers our status as experts in the field of birth as we can confidently say the policies and procedures at each of the 7 hospitals and 2 birth centers in the Triangle area. We then completed and excelled at our certifying test. We were tested on various laboring positions, pregnancy conditions, different types of interventions used, and much more. Furthermore, we obtained three (stellar) recommendations from clients who's births we have attended. These recommendations not only show that we have experience, but also that we are working with multiple clients with the same level of professionalism and respect required for the job of a profession doula. We also gather three personal recommendations from our peers to show that the true quality of our character outside of the birthing room. And lastly, we conducted s Skype interview with our certifying agency to finish out the certification process.

So while being a certified doula is not necessary, we are proud of our accomplishments and proud to represent the field of Birth Doula is the highest possible way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you at your upcoming birth!