Delivering At Baby + Company 

Delivering At Baby + Company

For expecting family’s that want an alternative to a hospital-birth in the Triangle, there is the boutique birthing center, Baby+Company option. Our local Cary Baby+Co is under the medical direction of Dr. AJ Koehler at Wake Physicians Practice (WPP).  With only five locations throughout the United States, the Triangle is lucky to be home to one of them. We are also lucky to have a Baby+Co in Charlotte and one opening in Winston Salem June 2017. 

Baby+Co Cary is a luxurious, boutique hotel-like setting, located off Ashville Ave in Cary, North Carolina. The birthing center is built on evidence and services are delivered with love, which can be appealing for families looking for an alternative to the hospital-birth experience. At the center, women can receive a number of services, including pre-conception, prenatal and postpartum care. Moms can labor and deliver their babies at the center under the care of certified nurse midwives

Birth centers are designed for healthy women with low-risk pregnancies. However, there are certain medical conditions that increase risk and make hospital-based care the safest choice for some. Baby+Co lists these conditions as: previous cesarean birth, twins or multiples, most chronic health conditions, certain serious complications in previous pregnancies/birth, and complications in current pregnancy such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or preterm labor. Because the midwives at Baby+Co now have hospital privileges, there is no restrictions based on a client's BMI, but it may be a factor in determining where the client actually deliveries her baby.  

Prenatal care

The prenatal care at Baby+Co is designed to connect you with information, people, and resources you will need to have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Prenatal care at Baby+Co involves a combination of group visits with other expectant families, one-on-one consultations, and an individualized plan for education and support. They conduct all of the typical clinical components you would expect (blood work, ultrasounds, and a medical history). Baby+Co also provides a number prenatal classes and workshops, these include childbirth classes, breastfeeding and newborn classes, and workshops of nutrition, fitness, and stress management. 


When you first arrive to have your baby at Baby+Co, you can park in any spot right outside the front doors. 


Once inside, they have three clinical rooms, these are used throughout your pregnancy, as well as in early labor to check your progress before being admitted. Baby+Co admits at 6cm dilated, and if the patient is 1-4cm they tend to send the client home; however, they never decline clients if they wish to stay, as long as there is space. 

Labor and Delivery Rooms

There are three birthing suites at Baby+Co that are all set up the same for the midwives’ ease in any emergency situation. All of the rooms are private, and equipped with a variety of things for you to have the type of birth you desire. There is a dresser by the bed that has items for the birthing person and another dresser that has items for the baby. Each room has a birth tub, birth balls, Pilates bar used for various labor positions, shower with a multi-head shower head, toilet with a built-in warming bidet, diffusers with peppermint and lavender oils in each room, nitrous oxide, and Bose wireless speakers. It is important to note, Baby+Co does not offer epidurals at the birth center. 

Clients are allowed to labor, push, and deliver not only on the bed but also in the shower, tub, or on the toilet. There is wireless and waterproof monitoring available, however Baby+Co does not typically do continuous fetal monitoring during labor and delivery. Women are encouraged to move around, eat whatever they want, wear whatever they want, and be with whomever you choose. 

Baby+Co does not limit the amount of visitors you have during your labor, delivery, and postpartum time. There is a full-service kitchen and multiple living spaces for family members to spend time during labor.

Hospital Births

Baby+Co now takes patients that plan to deliver at WakeMed Women’s Pavilion & Birthplace  Cary. Clients can choose to see the midwives for prenatal care and then be admitted to WakeMed Cary to birth. The midwife from Baby+Co will accompany you during your birth at WakeMed Cary. In some instances, a transfer from Baby+Co to WakeMed Cary may be necessary, the center is experienced and equipped to handle these situations. If there is a non-emergent transfer, the client and midwife travel in the client’s car.  If emergent, 911 is called and an ambulance will transfer the client. If the baby needs transferred, 911 is called and transportation by ambulance is done per policy.


Once your baby has been delivered, the midwife will monitor the mother and baby closely during the first hours after birth to watch for signs of a healthy transition and help to get breastfeeding off to a good start. Baby+Co supports delayed cord clamping, unlimited skin-to-skin time and encourage self-latching of newborns. 


If stable, Baby+Co discharges the client home after 4-6 hours. If the client is Group B Strep Positive and received proper treatment prior to delivery, she can also be discharged after 4-6 hours.  In the case the client did not receive sufficient treatment before delivery, there is a required 12 hours of in house observation.  Once discharged, the midwife will conduct a video call to check-in around 24 hours, and a visit with a nurse or midwife around 48 hours, generally in the family’s home. At the home visit, a full assessment is completed on mom and baby, and newborn screening tests are performed, the same as they would be in the hospital. These include checks for jaundice, heart defects, metabolic diseases, and weight.

We hope this helped you get a feel for what it would be like to delivery at Baby+Co! We recommend you take a tour of the beautiful birthing center if you are interested in an alternative to a hospital-birth. We always recommend that you speak with your provider regarding all protocols and procedures that may have changed or may be unique to your situation.  As always, our doulas are here to help you talk through your wishes and desires for your intended birthing location.