The Perfect Feeding Basket for All New Parents

The Perfect Feeding Basket for All New Parents

Whether you are new parent preparing your home for the arrival of a new baby, or a best friend looking for the perfect baby shower gift: look no further!

We have put together a list of our favorite things to include in a feeding basket. This basket is great to keep either right next to your normal feeding spot so you can easily access everything you need without having to disturb your baby. Best part of this basket? Both breastfeeding and formula feeding parents can benefit from the wonderful-ness that is this amazing baby shower present or present to yourself. 

Have anything to add? Leave it in the comments so other new parents can benefit from your wisdom!

For You:

  • Cell phone charger: the longer the better. Seriously nothing worse than a dead phone while your baby decides now is the time for an hour long feeding session
  • Snacks: Something simple with no refrigeration necessary because we guarantee as soon as you sit down, you will realize you are hungry
  • Reading material: when your phone isn’t enough, use this time to catch up on your favorite novel
  • Water bottle: You will get thirsty, no question. Just have the water bottle next to you and filled at all times (we recommend with a straw so you don’t need to move too much to get that much needed drink!)
  • Notepad and pen: You will think of things you need to do while you are just sitting, and then you will promptly forget them when baby is done eating!
  • Support phone numbers: A phone number to a great lactation consultant who can help eliminate any difficulties you run into. Also the number of your favorite postpartum doula is great!
  • Extra burp cloths: helpful for cleaning everyone up after the feeding is done
  • Pillows: Breastfriend, boppy, or pillow to help prop your baby so your back doesn’t get sore. 
  • Feeding stool: A stool to elevate your feet, and thus bring baby closer to you and your breast or bottle, rather than your back moving closer to the baby, to again help with back soreness 
  • A bolster/back pillow: helps to make sure you’re lower back is supported, especially great for shorter parents

For Our Breastfeeding Families:

For Our Pumping Families

  • Extra parts for your pump
  • Extra storage bags
  • A sharpie to record the date and time you pumped

For Our Formula Feeding Families

  • Extra formula 
  • Extra water if you are using a mix so you do not need to get up if baby is still hungry
  • An extra bottle or two, just in case baby changes his or her mind about the type of bottle you are using 

Our postpartum doulas are full of wonderful tips like this! Contact us today if you have any questions!