Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy 

Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy 

Low back pain during pregnancy is very common issue. The bright side is it means your body and baby are changing. However, it can be hard to see that as a positive when you are struggling to continue with your daily activities in pain. Here are a favorite of our tips to help with that pain:

(Please note: we are not doctors and this blog should not be taken as medical advice. If you feel your pain is very sharp, intense, or long lasting, it is important to seek immediate medical attention.)

Careful Movements

This is a huge way to protect not only your back, but your entire body during pregnancy and life. Your muscles are changing, your bones are moving, and your body is producing relaxin, a hormone designed to increase flexibility in ligaments. In order to protect your body, you make deliberate movements when standing, sitting, and changing positions. For example, when laying down, we recommend you roll to your side, move to all fours, and then stand up. This process decreases the tension on your body, and will allow for less painful movements. 

Back Support Belt

We are not a fan of wearing something everyday, but if you have a job or a particular activity that requires a lot of standing, wearing a back support belt can provide a ton of relief. The belt wraps around the front and attaches under your belly to hold the weight of the baby and take the pressure off your back. We like the belly bandit. Pro-tip: make sure to wear a tank UNDER the belt so the velcro enclosure does not rub on your skin. 


We know, movement during pain seems like the last thing you want to do, but it is the best way to reduce pain. Gentle exercises are key here: no need to dead lift a car (unless you do that regularly), but simple exercises that increase blood flow and get your muscles working are wonderful. Swimming and walks are two of our favorite low impact workouts. 

Support Hose

Support hose, or compression hose, are designed to increase circulation in your legs. Even though your lower back is the area that is in pain, taking care of your legs will decrease the pressure on your hips that impact the movements in your lower back. The support hose come in nude and black, and can be worn under pants so others will not see them.

Comfortable Shoes

Again, proper care of the rest of your body will impact the sensations felt in your lower back. Just like in college when you wore high heels out at night and your back was sore the next day, wearing the correct shoes during pregnancy can also make a noticeable impact in lower back discomfort. 

Supportive Pillows

You probably already have enough pillows in your bed and are borderline close to suffocating yourself or your partner, but sleeping with a small pillow under your waist can take the pressure of your lower back while laying on your side. Furthermore, making sure you have a good size pillow between your knees can decrease the pressure on hips and lower back. 

Prenatal Yoga and Stretching

Ahh heaven. Yoga, and just stretching in general, feels so wonderful and help work out any tension and sore spots on your body. Finding a yoga class that focuses on prenatal poses in not necessary, as all yoga teachers can offer pregnancy-specific poses, but it can be helpful to be around other students that are also pregnant. 


Of course we are a bit biased on this suggestion, as our in house massage therapist and doula provides amazing prenatal massages both in her Chapel Hill/Durham office and your home. Massages can help reduce tension in your back, increase relaxation, and take pressure off sore hips and legs that can lead to lower back pain. 


We have a few amazing chiropractors in our area that work primarily with pregnant individuals. One of our favorites, Lindsay Mumma at Triangle Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, is trained in the Webster technique and can work with you to properly and safely adjust your body to reduce and eliminate lower back pain. 

Self Care and Relaxation  

During life and pregnancy, we are always go go go. In between work, prenatal appointments, planning a nursery, spending time with your significant other, having a social life, and tending to your other children, it can be hard to take a moment to yourself. But it is SO important to practice good self care and give yourself a chance to relax. You are growing a human! You deserve a break sometimes!

We hope these suggestions helped and will help reduce your low back pain. Please contact us if you any further questions!