Placenta Salve

Placenta Salve

Having a placenta salve is a wonderful way to have a topical balm made with organic beeswax, nutrient coconut oil, calming lavender essential oil, and your own placenta!

Uses for Placenta Salve

  • Cesarean birth incision sites 
  • Perineal tearing
  • Hemorrhoids 
  • Burns
  • Diaper rash (if your baby has no allergies)
  • Cracked or sore nipples
  • Eczema (on both you and your newborn!) 
  • And other common skin irritations that you or your baby may encounter 

Benefits of Placenta Salve

After birth, your body is going through some huge physical and hormonal changes. The physical changes are very apparent: you may feel uncomfortable to sit because of perineal tearing and/or hemorrhoids. Or maybe you are looking to help heal the incision site as you delivered your baby via cesarean birth. Or even your nipples are sore from breastfeeding. Hormonally, your skin or your babies skin may have changed thus causing eczema or extremely dry skin. Any lotion or balm can help with these aforementioned issues, but one with placenta powdered can provide the extra boost of topical hormones that you may need.

The Process of Making the Salve

We have a small crockpot that we will bring to your home on the second day of processing your placenta. Normally we use organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, various herbs, lavender essential oil and one capsule worth of dehydrated placenta. We heat all of the products, then strain the herbs to give you a rich oil that is solidifies while it chills to provide you a nutritious, unique balm to use as needed. The salve should be ready for use within a few hours and can applied to your body as needed. 

Completely Customized Salves Available 

But, because of who we are, we believe that you can completely customize your salve! If you wish to have different essential oils or herbs based on your unique needs, we are happy to incorporate whatever herbs you provide into the salve. If you prefer a different base for your oil, we can also discuss the benefits of using cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, or almond oil. If you are interested, we can also make a Black Salve for you by adding activated charcoal powder that can be helpful in ridding your body of toxins. We do ask if you would like to customize your salve, you mention that when you fill out your paperwork so we can be sure that all products are either provided by you or we have ample time to gather all of the necessary ingredients prior to your appointment. 

Let us know today that you are ready to start the placenta encapsulation and salve process!

(Please note: while it is safe to use the salve on adults, children, and newborns, we cannot guarantee the salve is without allergens and by using the salve you are acknowledging that risk.)