What About The Smell?

What About The Smell?

Sense of smell is such a powerful sense, and so closely linked to memory, our clients often ask “you want to what in my kitchen??” because they are concerned about the lingering effects the smell might have on their ability to consume the placenta capsules themselves. And while we cannot deny there will be a smell, we can guarantee we follow the highest safety standards in the industry and there will be no mistake the placenta you are consuming is in fact your placenta. 

There will be some smell in your home while your placenta is in the dehydrator, there is no way around that fact. We will be dehydrating an (amazing) organ, and smells will develop from there. However, we feel that safety benefits of having your placenta encapsulated in your home greatly outweigh any less than delicious smells that may be present for a small amount of time.

Placenta Preparation Method and Smell

Depending on the method of preparation that you choose (TCM inspired or RAW method), the smell may vary. For the TCM inspired method, our clients have found the smell to be less of an issue for the duration of dehydration process because of the steaming done prior. Furthermore, the smell of ginger and lemon will be stronger than the smell of steamed placenta. For the raw method, the smell may be a bit stronger for the duration of the dehydration process, but will quickly dissipated.

Furthermore, if timing works out between our clients and our encapsulators, there is a chance you will not be discharged prior to the start and finish of the encapsulation process. Many of the area hospitals discharge patients after 48-72 hours, and our ideal window of time to start processing the placenta is 24-48 hours after birth. This means, you could arrive home to a sparkling clean kitchen and some amazing capsules and tincture. If you are giving birth in one of the birth centers or are having a home birth, you will likely be discharged before or during the time we are able to start processing your placenta.  

Ways to Avoid the Smell

We have also had clients either diffuse some essential oils, light a candle, or keep the windows in their home open while the dehydrator is running to further decrease the smell.  However, mostly they feel fine with the smell because of the confidence they gain from our process as well as the knowledge the placenta has never left their sight. 

Clean Kitchen

And lastly, when we leave your home you can be sure that you kitchen will smell wonderful and clean. We are careful to leave your home looking (and smelling) better than we arrived. Plus, when we are encapsulating, we are sure to wipe each capsule off prior to ensure there is no taste and limited smell to the capsules themselves. 

We understand that doing something like encapsulating your placenta inside of your home may cause you to question the process, and we fully support answering any and all questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us.