Clogged duct while chestfeeding

Pressure of Breast Massage to Support Lactation

When you have knot in a muscle, what feels so wonderful is a massage therapist to dig her elbow into that sore spot until you feel some relief. And when you have a clogged duct, the same logic should apply, right? You may be surprised about that answer!

Benefits of Breast Massage While Breastfeeding

We are so excited to offer a new service to our clients: therapeutic breast massage for lactation support is now available!

Topical Nipple Care

Last week we talked about typical nipple issues that many of our breastfeeding clients face, from compression lines on nipples due to shallow latch to infections, and everything in between. The most important part of nipple care though is always figuring out the problem prior to caring for your nipple. Our postpartum doulas can help you figure out the problem, but once you have done that, you are left wondering how do you actually care for your damaged nipples?

Breastfeeding Should Not Hurt

Pain is never normal, even during breastfeeding.

Tips For a Clogged Duct While Breastfeeding

Tips For a Clogged Duct While Breastfeeding

For anyone that has a had a clogged duct while breastfeeding, you know how uncomfortable it can be! Never fear, your postpartum doulas are here.