Team Work Between Doulas and Medical Providers

Team Work Between Doulas and Medical Providers

Building and maintaining relationships with medical professionals can help our clients, medical professionals and the Doula profession as a whole. Because of those benefits, we at Carolina Birth and Wellness are always looking to not only elevate the profession, but also elevate our reputation in our community. 

Benefits to Clients of Having a Professional Doula in Durham

Clients can trust that when they hire Carolina Birth and Wellness as their doula in Durham, they are going to receive the support they need as an individual. We provide nonjudgmental support to each and every client. We know our clients are strong individuals that are capable of making their own decisions and would just liked someone to support them during that process, so we support them every step of the way. We are up to date on birth, pregnancy, and the postpartum period, and thus able to provide the evidence based support some clients may need. We are nurturing and caring to our clients allowing them to process their feelings without fear that we will tell them those feelings are wrong. We are excited to share the journey with each client as they become a parent, and we are honored they would share that with us.

Benefits to Medical Professionals of Having a Professional Doula in Raleigh

We are lucky to live in an area with not only excellent medical facilities, but a strong birth community. Doulas in Raleigh prior to Carolina Birth and Wellness have done a wonderful job proving that doulas are not medical professionals, and not going to interfere negatively with a birth. Our doctors, nurses, and midwives love having doulas present because they know how much clients benefit from having a doula, and thus have a better overall birth experience. The medical professionals also trust that the doulas will not be counterproductive to the birth experience and will not disagree with their professional opinions as we do not have the medical expertise they do. 

Benefits to the Doula Community of Having a Professional Doula in Chapel Hill 

The doula community as a whole is a growing field, and a constantly changing field. We have made great strides at being recognized as a profession, and not just a hobby done in our spare time. We refer to clients as clients not mamas, because not every person identifies as a mama or wants someone other than their child calling them mama. We have proved that even though being a doula is in our blood, it also requires training and education. We have shown that we can be supportive of any decision that a client makes because the birth experience is about them, and our job is to provide nonjudgmental support as the best possible doulas in Chapel Hill.

Building Professional Bridges

We so strongly believe in the team approach to doula work, it carries over into all aspects of our professional lives. We are always looking to collaborate with medical professionals, and assist them in providing the best care as possible to our clients. We do this by maintaining the highest standards in professionalism both at a birth, in our business setting, and in our personal lives. 

Furthermore, we are always learning and being active in our community. We attend lectures and discussions in our community that not only provide us with additional education, but shows that we are invested in our community learning as well. We support our medical professionals by requesting meetings with them so we can learn about their practice and how they serve clients and can more accurately articulate that to our clients. In a birth situation, we assist when we can, but also understand when we are not needed. We understand the policies of the hospitals and birth centers so we do not give inaccurate information to our clients. And most of all, we respect those policies. We respect that the doctors, midwives, and nurses have invested a huge amount of effort to be where they are, and respecting their commitment is paramount to maintaining these strong relationships we have developed.