Provider Spotlight: Current Wellness

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One of the best parts of living in our area is we have some amazing people with amazing ideas who start amazing businesses that are so relevant to the times and to the location in which they are building. A perfect example of all these characteristics is Brit Guerin of Current Wellness.

The Current is a new holistic wellness center that is currently under construction and due to open in February 2020. Brit and her business partner, Nathan, have a vision to create a business that incorporates all aspect of wellness including the mental, physical and even the community side of it together in one location. With breaking ground in Southeast Raleigh, The Current is centrally located in an area rich in community and in need of such a wonderful wellness center like The Current. We recently had a chance to sit down with Brit and talk all things wellness, and it was just lovely!

What first made you interested in the intersection of physical and emotional wellness?

Having anxiety myself, I knew how movement was integral in supporting my mental health. Sometimes it was an intense class like boxing and sometimes it was restorative Yoga, but all types of movement were immensely helpful for me to get grounded and reset mentally. From there, I began to integrate stress management language into my fitness and cycling classes, which was received positively. Because mental health has always been important to me, I finally decided to go back for a second Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health. I knew that offering both movement and mental health counseling as a professional service was the right direction for me. I really love working with clients to get them to enjoy movement in a safe way, while also working on their relationship with their bodies, the food they eat, and the people in their lives.

What services do you plan to offer at The Current?

At The Current, we will offer a full spectrum of movement classes (Tidal, Flow, and Still). These three classes are complimentary to one another. For example, we will encourage members to take Tidal for functional, more intense movement to increase energy and endorphins in the body about 2-3 days per week. We will also encourage Flow - our Yoga format to get folks to slow down, connect to their body, and manage stress, as well as Still- our restorative and meditation format a couples time a week. We feel balancing these three classes is so important to avoid injury and burnout.

The center of our space will have a kitchen that we are really excited about! We visualize this space as bringing community together for cooking classes, nutrition workshops, and other special events. Lastly, we will have private offices for mental health counseling, wellness coaching, chiropractic services, and massage therapy. Our practitioners will partner with one another to offer specialized workshops - so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn about upcoming events!

What are some of your favorite daily healthy habits that we all can start incorporating in our own lives?

Two of my favorite things that I recommend are walking and sitting in silence. Walking is one of the best forms of gentle movement that is so good for our body. Even just a scroll around the block after dinner can improve our health. Sitting in silence for just 5 minutes a day can really help reset the mind and nervous system. We live in a society that reinforces over-working and not resting. Add on top of that an active lifestyle and our stress hormones are through the roof. Taking just 5 minutes to pause and breath can really make a difference in our physical and mental health.

Being in Southeast Raleigh, you are a part of an amazing community. How are you planning to incorporate this vibrant community into Current Wellness?

You are so right! We love Southeast Raleigh and are proud to live in this community. First of all, we have been attending community meetings in order to gain feedback from residents to shape The Current. One idea we have is partnering with organizations like the Interfaith Food Shuttle in order to provide pay-what-you-can produce markets on the weekend. Further, we intend to offer space to groups like NAMI and other neighbors who want to facilitate free support groups for the community.

When you aren't working with clients, where can we find you?

You can find me riding my bike around downtown Raleigh to head to a brewery or restaurant, walking around my neighborhood, or checking out some live music with my partner, Nathan. Anything to explore new things in Raleigh is totally my jam.

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Feel free to reach out to Brit at or check out her personal website while The Current becomes a reality.