Signs of Uterine Fatigue 

The uterus is an amazing muscle. Not only can it grow to 500 times it normal size during pregnancy, it is a self-cleaning and self-regulating organ that intentionally sheds it’s line every month. It can weigh only a few ounces to over two pounds depending on the stage of life a woman is in. Plus, not only can it help support making a human, it can (repeatedly) make an entirely new organ inside of it (the placenta!)

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That sounds exhausting.

No wonder uterine fatigue is a common, but not normal, condition that many women face during their lives.

What is Uterine Fatigue?

Uterine fatigue is not a life threatening condition, but it is not can be seen when there is bleeding between periods. Whether this bleeding is heavy, or light enough for a small panty liner, it can be a sign that uterus is not clearing out the lining. 

Signs of Uterine Fatigue

  • Bleeding Between Periods

  • Spontaneous Bleeding

  • Two Periods a Month

  • Anytime that there is blood present outside of the normal menstrual cycle, it can be a sign that there is uterine fatigue. 

Vaginal Steaming and Uterine Fatigue 

We recommend using the Gentle Herb blend if you experience uterine fatigue. We do not need to further cleanse the uterus, but rather slow the period down a bit. The Gentle Herbs contain herbs to blood tonic that helps replace nutrients lost each month, while also holding off the blood to bring the body back to wellness by having only one period per month. 

We hope this helped you learn a bit more about uterine fatigue and how regular steaming can help reduce these symptoms.