Indoor Activities To Do With A Baby In The Winter

Indoor Activities To Do With A Baby In The Winter

Getting out of the house is an important aspect for parents when they feel like they are ready, but where to go? Now that winter is here (T-minus 1,500 years until Game of Thrones starts again, not that I am counting), it is not as easy to go for a quick walk with the baby with cooler weather. Also, make sure to talk with your postpartum doula who can help you prepare for these adventures by providing overnight support, or helping you prepare everyone to get out the house with two shoes on and well fed! Below are a few of our favorite baby and toddler friendly winter activities:

Infant Massage Classes

We teach a group infant massage class on the second Monday of the month, as well as offer private and private group classes as needed! Infant massage is great way to not only connect with your infant, but also to help with sleep issues, digestive problems, and improve overall infant health. 

Kids Museums in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill

Kids museums are great because they are designed for kids to be kids, and are welcoming to all ages. While most of the kids museums are geared towards toddlers and older kids, they do have wonderful areas designed for infants. A few of our favorites are:

Museums in the Triangle 

In this area, we have so many wonderful museums to visit, and many are free. While they may not be geared towards kids in general, toddlers and infants can benefit from being exposed to different sites. For example, head over to The Nasher to help your little one learn about colors and shapes, or the NC Museum of Natural Science to see new and different animals. A few of other of our other favorite museums:

La Leche League Meetings

LLL is a great place to not only get support from other nursing mothers, but also give some of your knowledge to new mothers who just started nursing, plus it is a great place to meet others with small babies! While most of the talk is about breastfeeding, many conversations relate to the needs of the group.

Library Time

A fun activity for both parents and kids is to attend library or story time at one of the many libraries across the Triangle. Many of the local libraries have separate baby time and toddler time, that focuses on different activities depending on the ages present. This is also a fun place to meet other parents with kiddos the same age as your little one. A few of our favorites:

Kids Gyms

Kids gyms are a great place for kids of all ages to have a ton of fun, and wear out some of that extra energy they seem to get on cold or rainy days! With classes for pre-crawlers to school aged kids, you can be sure that there is a class for your child. Best part is you can either help and get a little exercise yourself, or sit back and watch and take a ton of pictures!

New Moms Group

The fourth Monday of the Month, we host a New Moms Group at Restoring Balance in Durham. Each month we have a tentative topic, but we always adjust depending on the needs of the group. We do ask that you pre-register, but there is no cost for this event!


We would love to hear what your favorite winter activities in the comments or by contacting us!