Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that hiring someone to work with your family can be a deeply personal process.  We have included some general questions and answers, but we encourage you to email us or contact us with specific concerns.  Furthermore, for all services we offer complimentary consultations to all prospective clients to allow us to meet and discuss your personal needs and goals. In order to receive a welcome packet with specific pricing and our contracts, please do so here.

What is the birth philosophy of Carolina Birth and Wellness?

We believe in each parent’s philosophy regarding birth and parenting, and thus do not have an opinion what is best for our clients.  With this nonjudgmental support, we are able to give the best care possible to our clients. 

Who are your backup doulas?

Because we offer each client a team of doulas, there is no need for a backup doula.  This allows each client to be sure they know the doula that is present at her birth, as well as providing a safety net to ensure that our doulas are taken care of should a personal matter arrises.  

Do you offer discounts for new doulas or doulas in training?

No, we do not.  We believe that once a person is trained as a doula, they can offer the same outstanding support as a doula that has been practicing for years.  Our professional doulas will never leave you questioning if they are on the first birth, or their fiftieth birth.

Do you replace partners in the birthing room?

No! We love working with partners, as they are vital part of the birthing person's support system.  In fact, doulas can be just as beneficial for partners as they are for the birthing person. 

What hospitals and birth centers do we serve?

We are proud serve all the local hospitals and birth centers in Wake, Durham, and Orange County. These are:

Do you support home birth clients?

Yes, as long as you under the care of Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), we can support you.  By law, only CNMs who are backed by a licensed physician can attend home births in the state of of North Carolina.  

Do you support all birthing choices?

Yes, we believe that a birthing person can decide what is wanted, as well as what is not wanted during birth.  Therefore, we support all births, with all levels of medical interventions.  Doulas can be just as beneficial during a repeat cesarean birth as during an unmedicated vaginal birth.  

What is your relationship with medical providers?

We are constantly building relationships with various providers to ensure that we are a valuable part of every birthing person’s birth team.  We do not take the place of any Doctor or Midwife, but add to your experience.  

Do you attend unassisted births?

We do not.  In order for one of our doulas to properly support our clients, there must be a Doctor or Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) present as well.