Postpartum Planning Consult

A little bit of planning now will help the transition to parenthood or adding another baby to your family easier and healthier for everyone involved. 

The Fourth Trimester is a time that is often overlooked.  Birthing individuals are expected to take parenthood in stride, and excel sometimes in a way beyond their abilities.  However, that is not is always the case, and we are here to help. Research has shown that spending time prior to the birth of you baby planning what your postpartum recovery might look like, can help reduce postpartum depression.

During our postpartum planning consult, you are welcome to bring whomever will be a part of your postpartum period: including grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings, babysitters or nanny, even your dog! This is also a great time for others to learn about your expectation and rules you would like to establish for your new baby.

We can help with:

  • Newborn care schedule 
  • Pumping and storing milk for when maternity or paternity leave is over
  • Making a plan for visitors
  • A schedule to help with your older children
  • A nightly schedule to include yourself and your partner, as well as a postpartum doula
  • Meal planning
  • Anything you need some extra assistance with!

This session is about one hour, usually in your home and cost $50. Like a birth plan, this is a fluid plan and we can help you revise and edit as needed. 

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