Yoni Steaming Intake

We are looking forward to working with you for an in-home yoni steam session!


  • We will provide everything needed! We just ask that you prepare a relaxing space that a hot plate (single electric burner with plug) can safely sit on the floor

  • We will provide a steaming gown for you wear


  • $50 for 30 minute steam session including herbs good for two to three sessions

  • Grounding massage can be added for an additional cost:

    • 30 minutes: $55

    • 45 minutes: $70

    • 60 minutes: $85

    • 75 minutes: $100

    • 90 minutes: $115


If you have any fresh bleeding the day of your scheduled steam session, there will be no penalty for cancelation. Please let us know as soon as possible (minimum two hours prior to appointment) if this is the case as fresh bleeding is a hard contraindication for steaming.


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Yoni Steaming Session
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Most of the side-effects reported while steaming are positive. Yes, some of these positive effects are also cleansing so your body may go through this cleanse different. This is completely normal.
1) Go to the bathroom directly prior to vaginal steaming. 2) Understand proper period care and learn about your period specifically. Some women find that not always using tampons provides a large benefit, specifically the cycle following a steam. 3) Increased vaginal discharge can be addressed by using cotton underwear liners and a peri- bottle throughout the day to clean mucus off the skin.
If steaming causes a rash, bumps, headaches itchiness, diarrhea or the onset of fresh spotting or inter-period bleeding, this could be a sign that your steam protocol or herbs might need to be adjusted or that there is an allergic reaction. If these signs occur please let your practitioner know so they can adjust the steam session as necessary or make a referral.
I understand that vaginal steaming may have positive or negative side effects as a result of doing a vaginal steam session. I accept legal responsibility for my choice to do a vaginal steam session and waive the responsibility of the practitioner and the facility where the steam session takes place in the case that any of the named side effects (or others) may occur. My printed name below represents my signature.

The cost of the steam session is $85. After we receive your intake, we will contact you to schedule your appointment.