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Comfort Measures for Birth

Comfort Measures for Birth

This 1 hour hands-on class will you teach you about the various comfort measures available to you during birth.  By learning effective communication tools to both help your partner and birth team understand your desires, we hope that you will feel more engaged in your birth experience. With this engagement, birthing people tend to have a higher overall opinion of the birthing experience as a whole.  The various comfort measures will be taught in a hands on demonstration style will be geared towards having all five senses engaged to help distract your mind from the physical sensations felt during labor.  We encourage you to bring your support person to this class as this training is as much for them as it is for you, the birthing person. 

Topics Covered:

  • How to effectively communicate your wishes to with your partner and birth team 
  • Early labor circuits to help gauge how your labor is progressing 
  • How to engage all five senses for comfort 
  • Hands on demonstration of over 30 touch comfort measures and various laboring positions

Register online or contact us today! We look forward to exploring the various birth options in the Triangle!

Cost: $40

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