Our Compressive Team Approach

As first-time parents, we had no idea just how much support we would need as we approached our daughter’s birth. Fortunately, we lucked in to finding Carolina Birth and Wellness. Attentive, compassionate and flexible, Emily and Morgan expertly anticipated many different ways to help us appreciate the experience and make us feel empowered.
— Katherine T.
Working with Morgan and Emily was amazing. It was my second birth but my first experience having a doula for labor, and it was incredible to see how helpful it was. Before the birth, I met with both of them, and it was so great to get to know both my primary AND the doula who would be my backup, just in case. They interviewed me on all the points of labor, finding out my wishes, what I would need, and what would be most helpful to me throughout the birth. They texted me with encouragement and support throughout the rest of my pregnancy and were always available for my concerns and questions.
— Abigail T.
Both Morgan and Emily came to my home to go over in detail my birth plan that included all stages of pre and post labor. They discussed with me my past labors—what went well, what did not—and allowed me to go into detail about what I would like my labor to look like. They also discussed with me alternatives to my plan should something not go accordingly, for example, what to expect from a potential C-section should the need arise. They were very patient and attentive to my desires and followed up with me regarding our discussion and creation of the birth plan. Emily also showed me and my husband/labor partner a number of ways to manage pain during labor and some techniques to practice from home. Morgan also followed up with me via text and in person in the weeks leading up to my labor.
— Erin M.

Our Professional In-Home Placenta Encapsulation Specialists

Emily and Morgan exceeded expectations through their excellent communication and how easy they made the entire process. I appreciate how the encapsulation was done in my house.
— Ashley C.
I highly recommend Carolina Birth and Wellness. I ordered placenta encapsulation and Emily was a pleasure to work with and very helpful. The encapsulation was done in my own home and I got to watch the process in a comfortable environment and ask questions to learn. I really enjoyed the service and hope the pills help me work through any postpartum issues. :) Thanks again!
— Nicole M.
My experience exceeded my expectations. Emily was willing to come to our home (outside her usual travel range). She was willing to work with our schedule as well!
— Nicole A.


Our Professional, Attentive, and Nonjudgemental Doula, Emily

From the partner perspective: they could not have been more essential in providing support in the hospital. I especially appreciated how Emily was so attentive to our needs (i.e. not pushing any particular birth strategy but supporting our own choices). She had a calming presence and helped with everything from comfort measures, to massage, to the pushing itself, to getting us food/snacks and helping us move our belongings from the delivery room to the recover/post hospital room. She also interacted really well with all the nurses and doctors who appreciated her assistance without her being overbearing or in the way. Would highly recommend.
— Erik G.
On delivery day, Emily offered critical support, using massage and other comfort measures, offering expert advice, helping to pass the time with small talk when I needed a distraction, and supplementing the doctors and nurses. We had such a wonderful experience that we’ve since recommended Carolina Birth and Wellness to several friends and signed a new contract with them for postpartum doula services. Do yourself a favor and engage them for all of your pre- and postpartum needs!
— Katherine T.
Pregnancy is incredibly difficult for me, and throughout that ten months Emily was of invaluable support. She was a listening ear, helping me with my older son when I was too sick to, and attending my birth as a support. Essentially anything I needed she was willing to provide.
— Amanda G.
During my labor, Emily was playful and joking and made the room calm, but when I needed her, she was right there and listen to the cues that my body gave her.
— Natasha B.


Our Invaluable, Calm and Encouraging Doula, Morgan

Morgan was so helpful during my delivery. She was very calm and kept her composure even when I was struggling. I highly recommend her!
— Amanda W.
When I went into labor at midnight, Morgan was ready and met me at the birthing center right away. My labor ended up being seven and a half hours long, and she was so helpful throughout. Before active labor began, she helped me to relax, massaging my hands and keeping the environment calming. During active labor she worked tirelessly, applying pressure to my lower back where my contractions were the most painful, and she was SO HELPFUL reminding me to keep my body relaxed throughout each contraction. I am convinced that is what helped my labor progress so quickly. Through the pushing stage, I only needed the physical presence of my husband, but she stayed near giving encouraging words and assistance—reminding me to relax and helping me to calm down. She also captured some of the first photos after birth on my camera, which I am so happy to have! Her assistance was invaluable all the way through. I am so thrilled and happy with the way my labor went. There is not one thing I would change.
Morgan also checked on me postpartum at an in-home visit, which was convenient and helpful. It was so nice to have someone checking in, and someone to reminisce about the birth with!
— Abigail T.
Morgan was very calm during the whole process which I GREATLY appreciated. It seemed like in that moment everything that I had learned during my L&D class went out the door, so her guidance was crucial! Anything that I needed, she was there to do it for me! I also greatly appreciated that while she was incredibly helpful, she remained sort of behind the scenes and indiscrete making the experience even more calm and peaceful which was very important to me! Morgan’s comforting and nurturing spirit made our labor and delivery process incredible!
— Kathryn N.
Morgan provided me with a calming support through her encouraging words and reminding me of the visualization techniques that helped me through the contractions. She reminded me of the prize that would come at the end and that everything that was happening was getting me closer to that prize. After my water had to be broken, Morgan did not let me give up on myself though I was desperately exhausted and continued to encourage me to push through the challenging transitional labor that I experienced. Alongside my husband, she was an invaluable cheerleader that helped me get through one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences of my life.
— Erin M.


Our Knowledgable and Passionate Massage Therapist, Emily

I loved having Emily come to our home for prenatal and postpartum massage. She was able to work with our schedule and space. It just felt very comfortable to have her here. She also taught me how to do postpartum belly wrapping which has been great so far. She is obviously very competent and passionate about supporting families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery.
— Connie C.
Emily is a very skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist. She was attentive; listening and caring about my specific massage needs. Her warm and friendly personality made me feel very comfortable. Highly recommended.
— Melanie R.
Emily has been my massage therapist for a few years now. She is a knowledgeable professional who approaches massage from a truly therapeutic perspective. She understands the body and how massage can enable well-being. My profession involves a lot of computer-time and she always know how to work the knots out!
— Jayne V.

Our Experienced Infant Massage Instructor, Emily 

I took Emily’s infant massage class, and I’m glad I did. She created a relaxed, accepting atmosphere, was professional and experienced, and had useful handouts, since it’s hard to remember everything.
— Llael C.

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