Preconception and Fertility Massage Therapy 

Our Nurturing the Mother® Certified Fertility Massage Specialist will provide holistic support through your fertility journey.

fertility massage fertility chapel hill durham raleigh
fertility massage fertility chapel hill durham raleigh
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Fertility Massage Benefits

Education around your menstrual cycle

Increasing blood flow and movement through pelvis

Balancing of hormones through focused reflexology

Cleansing of digestive system

Deep full body relaxation

Plus More!

What To Expect During Each Session

Introduction to Cycle Charting: During your first session, we will teach you a bit about how to chart your cycle so that each month you are more accurately noticing the signs of ovulation (or not).

Self-Care Kit: Also included in your first session is an at-home fertility self care kit.

Castor Oil Pack Application: We will massage castor oil into your stomach and apply a hot pack to your stomach to help the oil absurd into your skin

Relaxing Neck and Shoulder Massage: We use cranial-sacral holds while leading you through a short visualization to start your massage. We then will massage your neck and shoulders with our special blend of aromatherapy oils.

Fertility and Endocrine Focused Reflexology: We will apply focused pressure to various parts of your feet and ankles to help stimulation your endocrine system.

Therapeutic Stomach Massage: We use medium to firm pressure to massage your abdominal area to increase blood flow and reduce any tension or adhesions that can be built up.

Back and Sacrum Massage: Our back massage is focusing on loosening the pelvis, so we spend extra attention on muscles and ligaments connected to the pelvis.

fertility massage fertility chapel hill durham raleigh

Book Your Session

All sessions are done in the comfort of your own home.

Please check with us about timing your massage.

First Session: $170 (includes home self-care kit), 30 minutes of intake and 90 minute massage

Subsequent Sessions: $150, 90 minutes

Fertility Intake and Health History

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