On-Site Corporate Wellness Services

Businesses around the Triangle are learning about the benefits of bringing wellness to benefits employees and employers.

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The Difference is Local

We are locally owned so you can be sure that we know the area of your business

All therapists are members of our community and our committed to bringing wellness local businesses

We have personally met and vetted all therapists that will be attending events at your place of business to ensure professionalism and therapeutic skills

On-Site Massage

Corporate Massage is one the fastest growing services being offered at businesses around the Triangle.  

We offer both on-site chair massage and on-site table massage, for the duration of time that fits your needs.

On-site chair massage:

  • Allows clients to remain clothed for the duration of the massage

  • Hands on time can range from 10 to 20 minutes

  • Sessions include compression, trigger point work, stretching, gentle movements, and grounding techniques

  • Perfect for larger groups to ensure everyone receives a massage

On-site table massage:

  • Clients are able to remain clothed or receive a traditional massage

  • Hands on time can range from 30 to 90 minutes

  • Sessions include classic massage techniques, such as Swedish and Deep Tissue, as well as stretching

  • Great for smaller groups to allow individuals to receive a customized session

Numerous peer reviewed research studies have concluded that massage therapy, and specifically 15 minute corporate chair sessions, have significant and lasting positive effects on employees’ health.

Other Services Available:

Reflexology sessions: employees will stayed clothed, and our reflexologist will work on specifically hands and/or feet to provide lasting benefits.

Nutrition Counseling: Our Dietician will talk with your employees about simple ways to make healthy choices with food (information may be customized based on your needs).

DIY Essential Oil Roller Ball Production: Our essential oil expert will provide the supplies and education for employees to make their own roller ball.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Improves employees morale and work ethic

  • Reduces missed work due pain and illness

  • Reduces employer costs associated with sick pay and workers composition

Benefits to Employees:

  • Improves employee/employer relationship

  • Provides necessary breaks in workday

  • Reduces injuries due to repetitive motions associated with desk work

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Personalized Advice

If requested, our therapist can provide handouts and demonstration of stretches and techniques to keep the massage benefits felt past the event.

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Health Fair Planning

Let us take the guess work out of planning your employee wellness event by utilizing our Cooperate Wellness Preparation Guide.

Perfect Addition to:

  • Corporate Wellness events in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Morrisville and Research Triangle Park

  • Employee Appreciate Events across the Triangle

  • Mobile Massage across Central North Carolina

  • Personal events through Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill