Frequently Asked Questions about Placenta Encapsulation 

Frequently Asked Questions about Placenta Encapsulation 

We are so excited to officially offer Placenta Encapsulation Services to our clients.  

Do you use the Traditional Chinese medicine method or Raw method of encapsulation?

We prefer the Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired method as the steaming process can decrease any bacteria found on the surface of the placenta.  If you prefer the Raw Method of encapsulation, we will happily do that for you. Regardless of the method, we will support our clients decision and adhere to the highest safety standards in the industry.  

Do I need to supply any materials or equipment?

Sometimes clients like to provide extra herbs to put into the pot while the placenta is steaming if they choose the Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired method of preparation, but other than that we provide everything that we need.  We will need an outlet, some counter space, your stove, and sink during the two days of preparation.  

Do you provide a transport kit?

Yes, we will arrange a date to deliver the transport kit to you. The transport kit complies with the World Health Organization guidelines and will include directions for storing and transporting your placenta from your birthing location to your home.

How do I store the placenta before you are able to encapsulate it?

The placenta can be on ice, inside the transport kit, for up to four hours. After that, we recommend getting the placenta into a fridge, preferably in your home. Your placenta can be in the fridge for three days, and after that it must be frozen. Freezing your placenta will not diminish the quality of it. All we ask is that you do not let your placenta go to pathology, as the chemicals it could come in contact with may not be safe for consumption.  

When will you start the encapsulation process?

We will work with you and your schedule to determine when we should start encapsulating. Ideally, we would like to begin encapsulating within 24-48 hours after birth, but can start later if your placenta has been properly stored.

Why do you encapsulate in my home?

We believe that encapsulating in a client's home is the safest method. First, we will not be introducing any outside bacteria to the placenta as it will be in your kitchen. Secondly, there will be no question that the placenta you are consuming is your own as it has not left your sight.  

Should I be home while you are encapsulating?

That is up to you! If you would like us to encapsulating as soon as possible, say while you are still in the hospital, we can do that.  We do require that one person be home, be it your partner, parent, or another friend or family member as we cannot be alone in your home.  

Will there be an unpleasant smell in home that might me not want to take my placenta capsules?

There will be a mild smell during the steaming process if you choose the Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired method of preparation, but that quickly goes away.  Plus, the lingering scent of ginger and lemon will leave your home smelling wonderful.  If you choose the raw method, there will be a slight smell while the placenta is in the dehydrator.  However, the lasting benefits of encapsulation, and the piece of mind knowing that your placenta has never left your sight, will outweigh the temporary smell.

Will I be able to taste my placenta when I take my capsules?

No, you will not. We are careful to clean your capsules of any dust that may be on the outside of the capsules to ensure taking your placenta capsules is just as easy as taking another other vitamin.  

You have me convinced! How do I sign up?

Please fill out the order form, sign a contract, and provide payment.  We will then arrange to drop of the transport kit and we will be ready to go!