Five Date Nights In To Enjoy This Weekend

Five Date Nights In To Enjoy This Weekend

It can be challenging to connect with your partner after a long week, and if you add in morning sickness, having a newborn, or any of the number of elements that can arise from being a parent, it is especially challenging to have a romantic evening. 

Here are a few of our favorite ways to have a date night, even if your baby(ies) are upstairs sleeping.

1. Picnic in the backyard (or living room floor)

Order your favorite take out or delivery meal, and set up a blanket in your living room. Enjoy spending time together, and knowing there is no clean up to do after.

2. Drive-in movie…in your driveway 

The backseat of your car + your laptop + Netflix + a strong WiFi signal makes for the perfect drive in experience. Bring some popcorn and candy with a nice warm blanket to help 

3. Cook a challenging meal, and enjoy the fruits of your (non-childbirth) labor

Find a recipe you have been eyeing that looks delicious, but requires a lot of prep and spend the evening making it together. A few of our favorites are homemade ravioli or Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon. Plus, no bra or makeup is required for this special meal.

4. Play a board game

All day you spend time on the floor playing games with your kids, and while it is fun, there is only so many times you can say, “yes, that choo-choo is blue” (or is that just me?). Pick a challenging game that you both can get into and enjoy the competition. Maybe there can be a friendly bet riding on the outcome of the game? Loser wakes up with the baby in the morning?

5. Go stargazing 

Lay in yard and name as many stars as you can see. Enjoy the fall air on your face, and the warmth of your partner next to you. The best part: most baby monitors still work outside so you can enjoy the night while your baby is sound asleep.

And how can you make these date nights even better? Give us a call to arrange to have one of our postpartum doulas present so you can wake up to breakfast and coffee in bed after a full nights sleep.