Benefits of a Labor Stimulating Massage

Benefits of a Labor Stimulating Massage


What is Involved in a Labor Stimulating Massage

The massage pressure is generally on the deeper side, and with more direct pressure throughout the session. You may have read that deeper work during a prenatal massage is contraindicated, but our massage therapist is well trained in deep tissue prenatal massage techniques to ensure that it is safe for you and your baby. We are highly trained in how to work with your body to engage common reflexology points, and we couple that knowledge with essential oils that are known to help trigger various aspects of labor. We use some light stretches to open your hips and stretch your back to allow your body to become more prepared for the onset of labor. Lastly, we finish the massage with external application of castor oil to help you feel some of the benefits of the oil, without ingesting the oil and feeling the sometimes unpleasant abdominal effects.

Prior to your session we will go over each aspect of the massage, and learn about your needs and preferences to be sure to provide the customized session that is best for you. This is the time for you to ask any specific questions about all of the various aspects of the massage as well as tell us your preferences when receiving bodywork. Furthermore, we want you to feel completely comfortable with everything, and will happily add or subtract something to ensure you receive the best possible massage for you. 

Benefits of Relaxation

As doulas, we believe the single best way to start labor is to relax. And with the greatest benefit from any massage being the relaxation aspect, the 75 minutes of uninterrupted self-care can have wonderful benefits for not only your mind and body, but also for preparing for birth. 

When your baby has past his or her estimated date of delivery, or you are facing a deadline for birth to occur due to a medical reason, it can be very stressful. A massage at this point provides you a chance to get out of your head, and relax.

Labor Stimulating Not Labor Inducing

The distinction is very important to note as our massage therapists are not medical providers. We cannot induce you. We cannot take the place of a medical induction. We cannot simply touch a few magic points and guarantee that contractions will beginning. We can however help your body and mind become more relaxed and prepared for labor. 

Speak with your Medical Providing Prior to Receiving a Labor Stimulating Massage

As always, we recommend that you talk with your medical team prior to receiving a labor stimulating massage. Most individuals do not have any reason why a labor stimulating massage would be problematic, but having your doctor or midwife’s verbal permission to proceed is vital. Just as other natural interventions can impact when and how labor will start, a labor stimulating massage does the same thus being in open communication with your medical team is important for you and your baby’s health and safety.

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