How Deep is Too Deep?

How Deep is Too Deep?

The image of a strong massage therapist putting all of their weight via their elbows onto a clients back is NOT what a deep tissue massage is. A deep tissue massage should be a number of things such as wonderful, therapeutic, relieving, and NOT painful. 

Therapeutic Discomfort

I like to tell my clients they will experience "therapeutic discomfort" when getting a deep tissue massage. To me, 'therapeutic' means that you understand that you are receiving a massage intended to be healing and to fix something that is ajar in your body. Just as with physical or occupational therapy, it may not be the most relaxing, but it not a 10/10 on the pain scale. 'Discomfort' illustrates that pain is not the intention of the massage, and any one can have a little of discomfort for a better result of less physical pain in the (near) future.

Pregnancy and Deep Tissue Massage

Pregnancy can cause a whole new host of of sore and tight muscles. We are specifically trained how to massage a pregnant person, safely and effectively. While we do have to adjust the massage slight to account for a pregnant belly, we do perform deep tissue massages on our pregnant clients. 

What you should feel during a deep tissue massage:

  • Good: you are getting a massage! You should feel good, even great! While you may not be able to fall asleep, you should feel good and comfortable. 
  • Relaxed: this is very important because if you are clenching your muscles, your body is going to be working against the massage therapist. If you do not feel like you can relax, it is too much pressure. 
  • Able to breathe: like being relaxed, your breathe is equally important. First and foremost, breathing is pretty important to survival. Secondly, if you are holding your breath, you are not relaxed and not able to manage the therapeutic discomfort you may experience. Breathing through the massage will help ensure your muscles are receiving the oxygen needed to repair themselves from the work that was done. 

What you should NOT feel from a deep tissue massage:

  • Pain: sure it might not feel like a warm bubble bath, but the massage should NOT hurt. Massages are suppose to feel good, even with a bit more pressure.
  • Bruised: sometimes bruises happen if you are particular sore and we really need to work out a muscle, but if you find yourself walking out of a massage covered in bruises, something isn't right. 
  • Uncomfortable: this goes along with pain, but your comfort is paramount during a massage. If during your deep tissue massage you feel uncomfortable in ANY WAY, let your massage therapist know. A skilled therapist will make adjustments to maintain your comfort for the entire session. 

So don't be scared to get a deep tissue massage! The added pressure can be both relaxing and therapeutic, and help to alleviate any chronic pain you may be experiencing. Schedule your appointment online today!