Mom Hacks: Household Items to Help Keep Babies Clean

Busy Moms need some Mom Hacks that will help clean those stubborn stains and messes our kids make.

After a particularly messy Sunday morning of making slime with my son, I realized I needed to up my game about using everyday items found in our home to help clean up messes. After a quick Google search and polling the Moms in a local Mom group, I was inspired to share my findings! 

Note: test in a hidden spot of the clothes first to makes sure that your particular fabric responds well to how the stain is being removed. We cannot guarantee that these methods work on all stain and fabric types.

Getting Slime Out of Clothes

A bit vinegar on the slime and it comes right off! Always make sure to rinse the vinegar off completely or wash immediately so the acid does not damage the fabric.

Cleaning Sandy Feet

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For the beach days, bring some baby powder to get dry sand off dry feet! Note: this only works with dry sand.

Blood Off Of Clothes 

Pour on a bit of hydrogen peroxide and that blood will come right up! It does work better when it is fresh, so taking care of it sooner rather than later is better. 

Grease Stain or Salad Dressing on Clothes 

A bit of Dawn or other grease fighting dish soap will take a grease stain right off your clothes! 

Washing A Pull Up

Add a bit of salt to the washing machine if you accident wash a pull up or diaper can help dissolve the gel in the washer and makes clean up much easier! About a half cup in the rinse cycle will do the trick. 

Removing Ink From Clothes 

Spray some hairspray on the ink and then wash as normal! Pulls that ink right off the shirt and it is as good as new!

Chocolate Stain on Clothes

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These are tricky stains to get out, so pretreat with a bit a vinegar or lemon juice for about five minutes, then rinse. Flip the fabric over to treat the stain from the back with a dishwashing soap that fights grease and 3 cups of warm water. Once the stain is completely removed, wash as normal.

Tree Sap On Hands 

Rub some peanut butter on your hands after a day of exploring the woods, and the tree sap comes right off. 

Coffee/Tea Stain On Clothes

Apply a bit of cornstarch and vinegar paste to the stain and let sit until stain comes out. Wash as normal. 

Wine Stain 

Whether the spill was caused by you or your toddler, we won’t judge. Just sprinkle the stain with a bit of baking soda and wash with club soda and it is like it never happened.

Berry Stains on Clothes 

If you are on the go, squeeze a bit of lemon on the stain. If you are home, flush the stain with boiling water and then dab a bit of vinegar on the stain to complete clean the berries stain off your clothes. 

The goal of all of these Mom hacks is to help make life a bit easier.

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