Benefits of Fertility Massage

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Where ever you are in your fertility journey, receiving a fertility massage can be very beneficially for your overall physical and mental health, as well as some great educational benefits!

Physical Health Benefits of Fertility Massage

Increased Blood Flow and Movement Through Your Pelvis: Special techniques applied to the pelvic region allow the muscles and ligaments to loosen and relax so that the pelvis can move more freely.

Cleansing of Digestive System: The application of castor oil to the abdominal area coupled with therapeutic massage techniques help cleanse the digestive system. 

Break Up Adhesions in Abdominal Area: Adhesions can build up from past injuries or traumas, and our massage techniques can help reduce them, specially around the reproductive system. 

Balance Hormones: Massage has proven benefits to reduce hormones, specifically increase feel good hormones, and decrease stress hormones. 

Activate Reproductive and Endocrine System Through Focused Reflexology: We will hit specific points in your feet and ankle to stimulate your reproductive and endocrine system. 

Mental Health Benefits of Fertility Massage

Stress Reduction: Stress has a powerful impact on our health, and that includes our reproductive health. Receiving any type of massage has known benefits to reduce stress

Deep Relaxation: How often do you actually relax? Our modern lives little room to just be in the moment where we can take a deep breath without worrying about what is next. 

Education Benefits of Fertility Massage

Better Understanding of Body: Before, during and after each massage session we talk the time to really talk to you about you notice and feel your body. Sometimes after a massage, you may realize something new about your body that you had never noticed before!

Increase Knowledge About Your Menstrual Cycle: Specifically in our first session, but also in subsequent sessions, we talk with you about your menstrual cycle. We help you learn the signs of ovulation and even the start of your period so that you can have been understand of when conception can occur, and when it cannot! 

We hope these benefits help you realize that if you are just thinking about becoming pregnant, actively trying, or struggling with the process, fertility massage is a great addition to your fertility health! 

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