Health Fair Planning Guide

Health fairs are growing in popularity around the Triangle as businesses are appreciating that employee wellness translate to business wellness. Below are a few of favorite ideas for helping your event be a success!

What’s Your Theme?

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When you are planning a health fair, it is important to think about what you are trying to have your employees take away from the event. By figuring this aspect out, you can begin to shape the vendors that will be present

Our Favorite Wellness Fair Themes:

  • Spring Celebrations: We have seen business celebrate the season with snow cone food trucks, outdoor games, and a mobile chair massage therapists. 

  • Building Healthy Lifestyles: Bringing wellness to the workplace is always a good idea! Healthy employees take less sick days and having higher work/life balance which increases their overall happiness. Yoga instructions, nutritional consulting, massage therapists, and other wellness practitioners coupled with a healthy lunch make for great vendors.

  • Employee Appreciation: Showing that you appreciate your employees is always well received! These are great because they can be a simple lunch with a chair massage therapist and reflexologist.

  • Company Retreats: When you have an exciting new product to launch to your employees, or a large scale meeting that needs to occur, what better way to do so than with on-site massage therapist before the meeting!

Health Fair Food Choices

Once you have your theme set aside for the day, you can decide your food choice. Because after all, the best way through anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Employees love having delicious lunches that they did not have to a) buy or b) prepare. 

A Few Great Ideas For Food Choices:

  • Food Trucks: Many food trucks in the Triangle will travel to local businesses for a set costs. Many times, employers pay ahead of time and the food trucks will provide a few choices for employees. 

  • Boxed Lunches: Having a boxed lunch is an easy way to get a full meal for your employees without the cost of having a person and truck.

  • Family Style: If you are trying to have a delicious meal, but also save for to provide a massage therapist at your business, consider a family style buffet. This allows your employees to sit together, socialize, and enjoy their meal at usually a lower cost. 

Wellness Practitioners 

If you are having a wellness fair, you need to have practitioners that are passionate about promoting wellness in their communities. We believe that having local practitioners is also important because it increase community involvement in the betterment of the communities overall health!


Ideas for Wellness Providers:

  • Chair Massage Therapists 

  • Reflexologists 

  • Yoga Therapists 

  • Fitness Instructors 

  • Nutritionists 

  • Mediation Instruction 

Employee Involvement

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Next to food and a massage, employees love being able to be involved in the event. This can mean that they get to make a product to bring home, play games with fellow employees, or participate in a contest, encourages everyone to participate.

We have seen employers give a card that employees most have the various vendors sign to be entered in a contest. We love providing someone to help employees make their own essential oil roller balls with our essential oil expert!

Contest With A Great Prize

Encouraging your employees to get up from their desks and participate in your health fair is important! When their to do lists are too long, getting up for even 15 minutes seems like too much. By making a contest with a prize people want to win, can help encourage them to come down and enjoy the fun!

Give Them Notice

Send out a newsletter, post flyers, set a company calendar invite, and/or send reminder emails. Whatever you do, let your people know when and where the event is occurring more than once! It can be easy to forget, but if you remind people more than once, they are more likely to show up and enjoy the wellness event at your business. 

Take Pictures!

Not only are pictures a great way to preserve the enjoyment of your employees the day of, they also provide motivation for future events!

At Carolina Birth and Wellness, we can provide employers assistance in planning a health fair as well as provide local practitioners such as chair massage therapists, reflexologists, nutritionists, fitness instructors and more!

Let us help you with your next workplace wellness event with a customized quote!