Benefits of Yoni Steaming 

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We just love yoni steaming, and think the benefits are just fantastic! Below are some of the positive and cleansing benefits of regular steaming. We certainly hope you experience as many of these during your steam sessions!

Positive Side Effects

  • Relaxation: the steaming feels great! We encourage you to allow yourself to fully relax and enjoy the session!

  • Deep Sleep: with a higher state of relaxation, better sleep is reported!

  • Increased cervical mucus: Cervical mucus is a great way to monitor your health, and an increase in this fluid is recommended for your womb health. 

  • Heightened Libido and Sexual Sensation: With the increase of circulation and blood, increased sensation is often reported!

  • Heightened Fertility: with the increased focus to your womb and self care, increased fertility benefits can be noticed after regular steaming

  • Circulation Improvement: the heat causes an increase in circulation that can be felt throughout the body

  • Decreased PMS Symptoms

  • Emotional Balance: You may have an emotional release during or after the steam session, and that is common. It can feel good (and sometimes hard) to give yourself time just to be with your own body. 

  • Skin Beautification: Just as steam may applied during a facial, the yoni steaming as an increase in 

  • Helps Prevention and Treatment of Ingrown Hairs: the steam can open your pores, and reduce an ingrown hairs.

Cleansing Benefits

vaginal steaming in durham

Sometimes, in a therapeutic setting, some benefits do not feel positive, but are in fact cleansing. Yoni steaming may produce these cleansing benefits that at the time do not feel positive, but are beneficially in the long run. They are as follows:

  • Urge to Urinate: The steam can reduce tension in your pelvic floor and may cause you to feel the urge to head to the bathroom. 

  • Increased clots during your next period: Vaginal steaming loosen old residue, so during your next period, you may notice some brown blood being cleared out of your body. 

  • Different timing for your period: The combination of the steaming and herbs used may cause your period to come earlier or later. Depending on the exact timing, this may be a good thing and starting to help regulate your cycle. If your period comes much earlier or later than 28-30 days, it is important to let us know so we can adjust your herb formula. 

Please note: these benefits are only anecdotally and may not apply to every person. 

We would love for you to book you in-home yoni steaming session today! Contact us to schedule!