Contraindications for Yoni Steaming

chapel hill vaginal steaming

While there are many benefits to Yoni steaming, there are times when it is not recommended. During our thorough intake process, we will make sure to take the time to ask you detailed questions about your health, menstrual cycle, and past history with your period. The following are hard contraindications where steaming is never recommended:

  • Fresh Menses: If you are currently bleeding, it is not recommend to steam. The warm steam causes increases circulation to your reproductive organs, and if you are actively bleeding, that increased circulation may cause bleeding to increase to unsafe levels. We will only allow steaming if you are not bleeding at all at the time of steaming. 

  • If you are pregnant: The steam may be too much heat on your baby as well as open your cervix.

  • If you are trying to conceive and have already ovulated for the month: The steam can clear out any remaining sperm in your vagina, as well as open your cervix. So if you have ovulated for the month and hoping to become pregnant, steaming is not recommended. 

  • If you have had a history of two periods per month for the last three months: Interim bleeding between periods means there is some sort of imbalance in your menstrual cycle. With the increased circulation from steaming, there is an increased chance of more bleeding on top of your two periods per month. 

There are other times when steaming is usually not recommended, but we leave that decision up to you:

  • Active infection with a burning itch: Steaming may clear up infections, but an infection with a burning itch may be made worse by heat

  • Tubal Coagulation: This is the process of tying your tubes, a permanent form of a birth control. This can build up scar tissue, and steaming has anecdotally reduced scar tissue.

There are times when yoni steaming is thought to be contradicted, but in fact it is not! We do recommend a mild set up if any of the following conditions apply to you:

  • IUD present 

  • Frequent hot flashes 

  • Current vaginal infection (such as yeast infection, herpes, etc.)

And lastly, there are times when you may have a condition where you might think steaming is contraindication, but in fact, it is fine! Those situations are the following:

  • Currently on birth control pills

  • Uterine fibroids 

  • Hysterectomy 

  • Bumps, or ingrown hairs on outer vulva 

  • Nuvaring (should be removed prior to steaming)

We hope these helped you learn about when you should not steam! We want you to be safe during the steaming process, and hope to see you for an upcoming yoni steam session! Contact us today to schedule!