Castor Oil Pack Application During a Fertility Massage

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At the beginning of each fertility massage session, the first thing we will do is apply a castor oil pack to your abdominal area. Also included in the price of our first session is a self care kit including supples to do for your own castor oil packs at home!

Benefits of Using Castor Oil

  • Cleansing: Castor oil can cleanse the gut by expelling any stubborn residue.

  • Soften: As castor oil absorbs into the skin, it can soften the bowels and any adhesions that are present. 

  • Relaxing: A hot pack on your stomach with a castor oil feels lovely and is deeply relaxing. 

Systems and Conditions That Benefit From Castor Oil:

  • Digestive System: The softening of your bowels can help cleanse the digestive system.

  • Liver: With the liver being the main organ for detoxification, the castor oil aids in that detoxification and helps the liver more effective function.

  • Uterine Fibroids, Cysts, and Blockages: The softening benefit of castor oil can also help soften uterine fibroids.

  • Scar Soften: Castor oil can help loosen scar tissue and adhesions from a past surgery, including cesarean scars. 

Castor Oil Pack During Fertility Massage Sessions

As soon as you get on the table, we begin the session by liberally applying the castor oil to your stomach. We like to look for a good shine to your stomach to know you have enough oil! After the oil is applied, we place our sheet over it, and then top with a hot water bottle. We then let it sit and absorb. After 

At Home Care

We encourage our clients to use their castor oil packs at home about 3-5 times per week. Simply liberally rub the oil in a clockwise direction on your stomach, then place a flannel sheet on top that completely covers your stomach, and top with a heating source. At home, you can use any heat source that fits your body. Also, if you are sensitive to heat, the heat source is not necessary. You then leave the pack on for about 20-45 minutes, or until the oil is completely absorbed into your skin. 

We hope this helps you understand the uses of castor oil both during and after a fertility massage session! 

Contact us today to schedule your first session and receive your own supplies for a castor oil pack!