Monthly New Parents Meet Ups

We have learned from our clients one of their biggest wishes for our support is to have more of a sense of community. We began building our virtual community with our very active Facebook group in 2018, and 2019 is the year of face to face community building!

A cornerstone to our model of care is community: building community, developing community resources and establishing a positive birth and parenting community. We are always chatting with providers to bring the community aspect to our clients, but now we are bringing our clients to the community with our monthly New Parents Meet Ups. 

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On the 4th Thursday morning of the month, we will meet at varying locations across the Triangle. We may have a general topic, but most of the time it is just a chance to chat, get out in public, and enjoy time with others. 

Two Types of New Parents Meet Ups

We know that all our of clients are at a different stage of their parenting and family life, so we offer two types of meet ups for new parents.

Lap Baby Only Meet Ups: These quieter meet ups are designed to process the birth experience, share funny and less than funny parenting moments, and talk more with other parents. These will be held at coffee shops or smaller venues around the Triangle to allow parents and younger babies a chance to come together, bond, and share. Because these locations will be more quiet, we do ask that only non-crawlers come so parents can enjoy a delicious latte and have more meaningful conversations. 

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Toddlers Everywhere: If you have an older child, you know that toddlers are a different breed. They cannot just sit and relax while a bunch of new parents chat and drink delicious coffee. So, every other month we will open up our meet ups to the toddlers!

We will meet at local fun toddler-friendly places to let the kids run wild while the parents supervise/visit with other parents! Of course parents of non-toddlers are welcome, but these will be more active and louder, less for processing more for small talk. 

Special Guests

We hope to be bringing in various providers to talk more about their area of specialty at the lap babies only meets up as well! If anyone is interested in being a special guest, please reach out to us and we will help make this special meet ups happen. 

How To Register

We will post these events in our Facebook monthly for a reminder and confirmation of the location. Furthermore, on your New Client intake you will be asked to check the boxes of the meet ups you are interested in and we will send you an email to remind you! 

We look forward to our New Parents building their communities in 2019!