Yoni Steaming Set Up

The actual set up of the steam session is relaxing and calming, and a great way to help provide some much needed self care.

Steaming Set Up

We provide everything we will need to make the session relaxing and therapeutic. Prior to arriving, we ask that you prepare a small area where a hot plate can be placed directly on the ground, and you will feel comfortable sitting quieting for thirty minutes. 

When we arrive, we invite you to wear a special steaming gown. Changing into separate clothes can help get you completely involved in the process.

While we are doing our thorough intake, we will be heating the herbs in a large pot with water over our single burner hot plate. The hot plate will be placed directly on the floor, so we do recommend a non-carpeted place. 

After about 10 minutes, we will place our steaming sauna over the pot and drape a towel around the side of the sauna to keep the heat inside. 

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When you sit down, we ask that you sit as far forward as possible to ensure that steam is the right location. While sitting, we will place a heating pad across your shoulders, another towel across your lap, and provide a blanket if you wish to have more heat. We recommend that you stay as warm as comfortable as heating your entire body will help relax you.

While you steam, we invite you to do what feels right. Whether that is mediating, reading, sitting quietly, sipping a warm drink, or just looking out the window. We do discourage you from doing any work or looking at your phone so we can help you stay in that relaxed state of mind. 

After the steam session, we strain the herbs and instruct you how to do a simple in-home session again. The herbs should allow for up to three more sessions. The rule of thumb is that if the herbs are still fragrant, they can be used for a simple set up at home. 

If you choose, we can end the session with a grounding massage for an additional cost. 

Timing of Yoni Steaming

Within your cycle, there are several times when you could steam. We generally recommend steaming frequency to be:

  • Weekly: Once a week (minus when you are on your menstrual cycle) is a great way to receive the benefits of the steam, while also helpful because the steaming works with each stage of your cycle.

  • Before and After Your Period: Steaming three consecutive days prior to the onset of your period and three consecutive days after your period is a great way to prepare your body for your upcoming period, while also cleansing the body after the period ends and to help prepare for the next period. So if your period arrives on cycle day 28, we recommend you steam on days 23, 24 and 25. Then when you are start your period, that is consider cycle day 1. When your period is completely over, we recommend steaming those three consecutive days, whenever that is depending on the length of your cycle.

We hope this helps you get an idea of what to expect during our in-home yoni steam sessions! We look forward to working with you soon.