Top 10 People that Deserve a Massage

Top 10 People that Deserve a Massage

Massage therapy is a wonderful service, and here are some people that deserve a massage ASAP!

  1. The office worker: your shoulders are tight from being hunched over a computer, your hips are sore from sitting, and your chest is tight from rounding your shoulders forward.  A massage can help open your body and release the tension caused by sitting for 8-10 hours a day.

  2. The person trying to get pregnant: increasing blood flow to the uterus and decreasing stress can help make conceiving a baby easier. Fertility and preconception massage can provide a benefit to both the person trying to get pregnant and the partner, as this is a team effort.  Physical benefits are noticeable for both men and women.  

  3. The person that is pregnant: carrying and making a human is hard work.  Your body deserves to relax for 75 minutes

  4. The new parent: you are probably sleep deprived and still sore from giving birth.  A postpartum massage can help reduce the tension in your body from birth, as well as decrease any pain from early breastfeeding, and provide some much needed self care. 

  5. The parent with a toddler: you are probably sore from carrying him or her! They get heavy! Plus, toddlers can demand a lot of us and taking an hour to yourself is completely acceptable, in fact, encourage!

  6. The parent with a teenage: well, you know why you need a massage.

  7. The partner of someone who is pregnant: you deserve some attention too! So often, the non-birthing partner’s needs are put on the back burner, but you deserve some attention too!

  8. The person who is sore: massage can help rebuild muscle and decrease pain to allow the muscles to function better.

  9. The person who is completely happy: getting a massage isn’t just for someone who needs a massage because they hurt or something is wrong. Massages are a great way to prevent injuries, and are vital component to everyone’s wellness routine.  

  10. You: everyone deserves to make self-care a priority 

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