Back and Sacrum Massage During Fertility Massage Session

To end our fertility massage session, we will have you lay on your stomach so we can work your back and sacrum. This provides an excellent way to work the back of the body, and allow for the full body relaxation and therapeutic techniques to really sink in. 

More Reflexology Points on the Back For Fertility

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A huge component of our fertility massage is the use of reflexology, as you may have noticed when learning about the other components of our in-home fertility massage. The reason for this is the deep, focused pressure provides the relaxation benefits of a traditional massage and the therapeutic benefits of hitting points on the body that can aid in fertility and overall health.

Our back massage portion is no different. In fact, it is almost all reflexology points along the spine. These points correspond to that bladder meridian points that impact the lungs, heart, gall bladder, kidney, large intestines, and bladder. There are two rows of these points running parallel with your spine, so we will make two passes down your spine to ensure we hit each point.

Posterior Pelvic Friction 

Just as we did when working the front of your body, we will do some pelvic friction along your pelvic bone and sacrum to help loosing the area. With the pelvis being such an important area that not only holds our babies, but also our reproductive organs, a place for many emotions to be carried (specifically in women), and also a spot that we tend to be very self conscious of exposing or moving too much, it is very important to loosen and completely relax this area. 

Some other benefits of pelvic friction include:

  • Breaks up any lingering congestion

  • Increases blood flow

  • Aids in lymphatic draining

  • Increases movement in pelvis. 


As the massage is ending, we will work to integrate the work that was conducted at the beginning of the session to the final round of pelvic friction. While it may have been a quick hour and half for you, it is important to remind your body that your body is one, despite the focused attention to the various parts.

This concludes our fertility massage session and we are looking forward to working with you on your fertility journey, wherever you are in that process. Please contact us when you are ready to schedule your in-home massage!