Relaxing Neck and Shoulder Massage In Fertility Massage Session

One of the biggest conversations in fertility work is what came first, stress or fertility challenges? And while we cannot answer that, we know we can help reduce the stress of everyday life.

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To beginning each fertility massage sessions, we do a relaxing neck and shoulder massage that consists of a few parts specifically designed to decrease stress, increase relaxation, increase energetic openings through body, create space in the body, and many other powerful forms of general tension release.

Cranial Sacral Holds

Modern life is stressful. No denying that. Even just driving to a park can be stressful with the increase in traffic, busyness of others, and the nagging voice in your head to finish your to do list. The beginning of the massage starts with simply cradling your head and hips until we feel you sink into the table. The ability to let your head go can signify your mental relaxation, and letting go of your hips in the physical. The combination of the two will put you in a better space to receive the bodywork from the fertility massage session.

Guided Imaginary 

For clients that request it, we conducted a guided imaginary session where we encourage you to see your baby. By putting the intention into the world that you are ready for a baby, we hope that with the right combination of mental relaxation, physical changes, and any medical help you are receiving, you will receive the baby that you are seeing.

Reflexology Points on Head and Face

The feet and hands aren’t the only points of the body with powerful reflexology points that benefit fertility! While working these points, our intention is to open and relax the pineal gland, the pituitary, and the hypothalamus, all very important in secreting hormones that directly impact fertility. 

Jaw Work

When was the last time you really kissed your partner? Or is your jaw too tight stress to even fully make out like we did when we were teenagers or newlyweds? Well, our intention for massage the jaw is to help loosen and relax those muscles. The jaw and hips are directly linked in reflexology, and we all know the importance of loose hips during conception, pregnancy, and birth. 

Shoulder Massage

No massage therapist can just let sore shoulders go! So maybe this portion of the massage is for us, or maybe it is to better help you relax and release any linger tension that you (and everyone else) has in their neck and shoulders. We use a specifically designed fertility massage oil to help create an aromatic benefit. 

We hope this gave you a great idea of what to expect during the neck and shoulder massage portion of the fertility massage. 

Please contact us when you are ready to schedule your in-home fertility massage!