Carolina Birth and Wellness Gratitude Challenge

Carolina Birth and Wellness Gratitude Challenge

November is a great month to take stock in what you are grateful for in your life. Sometimes it can be challenging to either come up with something you are grateful or even remember what you did that day if you are going through a challenging period. But, we are challenging you to take a minute to think about gratitude. What does gratitude mean to you? 

For the month of November, your doulas at CBW are challenging you to find more gratitude in your daily life. Below we have a few of our favorite tips to feel more gratitude on a daily basis. We would love if you shared your story in the comments, emailed us to share how feel more grateful impacted your month of November, or post on social media using the hostage #CBWGratitudeChallenge.

Tips to Feeling More Gratitude Each Day

Start a Gratitude Journal

One of my favorite authors is Gretchen Rubin. I just love her no non-sense, fact-based approach to something abstract like happiness and gratitude. She strongly recommends starting a gratitude journal in which you write down three things from the day you are grateful. But feel to customize it, maybe just writing one thing is enough. The point of this exercise is not to be seen as a chore, but something quick that you can jot down as your are brushing yourself.

Write you Oscar Awards Speech

Another tip from my girl, Gretchen, is to write your acceptance speech when you win an Oscar, Emmy, or even MTV Video Music award, and don’t worry about the music turning on to tell you have talked too long. Thank everyone who helped make you, you. Really notice how many people are in your life, and how amazing you are. First on my list? The barista from Starbucks. 


The art of doing nothing can be very challenging, but incredibly rewarding. Set a timer and vow to do nothing and to clear your mind for even five minutes. If that is challenging, find an image in your mind and concentrate on that or focus on feelings start at the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

Make Your Own List of Ways to Feel More Grateful 

It could be a list of three things, or list of fifty things. But writing what is important to you will help you remember what is important to you! I know that sounds silly, but when you are having a rough day, either because your baby was up all night teething, or your toddler broke your favorite coffee cup, looking back at the things you are grateful for will remind you of better times.

Engage Your Senses

Just as we recommend clients engage their senses during labor as a comfort measure, using your senses to remind you of times in which you were grateful and happy will allow your mind to transported back to that moment. Put a picture of your kids at work, light a candle of scent from your tropical vacation in your bedroom, cook dinner from your latest adventure to Europe, listen to music from your childhood you loved, and hold hands with those you love are just a few ways to be grateful daily. 

Say You Are Grateful 

Thank people who help you, tell someone when they extend a kind gesture to you, and just generally verbalize other moments throughout your day that you are grateful for. The old saying “fake it till you make it” applies here, but in a more positive approach. Saying you are grateful will allow you to feel more grateful. 

Let us know what you are grateful for today! 

Remember, even the small things count. So putting on pants can be your big accomplishment for the day!