Fertility Specific Reflexology Session

Reflexology is a powerful massage tool provide valuable information about your body.

Benefits of Reflexology Include:

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  • Stimulate various organs, glands, and systems in your body

  • Highlight differences between the right and left side of your body

  • Regulate hormones released by specific glands 

  • Relax your body

  • Increase circulation to stimulated areas of the body 

Our fertility massage has a large component that works with reflexology of the feet. We use a specially formulated massage lotion and castor oil blend to further the cleansing effects on the feet. We use deeper, pointed pressure to the various areas that impact the endocrine, reproductive and digestive systems of the body. 

Another important aspect of our reflexology work is the intention in therapeutic benefits to increase fertility, so we do go back and forth to stimulate the right and left side of the body at the same time. A more relaxing massage may complete one foot prior to moving on to the next, and that can loses some of the therapeutic benefits.

Important Reflexology Points For Fertility Massage:

  • Pineal: Produces hormones, specifically melatonin 

  • Pituitary: Responsible for all the major reproductive hormones

  • Thyroid: Helps regulate and stimulate the menstrual cycle

  • Pancreas: Helps regulate the breakdown of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates

  • Adrenal Glands: Releases stress hormones 

  • Liver: Cleanses the body 

  • Spleen: Filters and cleanses blood

  • Large and Small Intestines: Cleanses the digestive tract 

  • Uterus: Pretty important in carrying the soon to be baby

  • Ovaries: Produces healthy eggs for conception 

  • Uterine Tubes (Fallopian Tubes): Carries the eggs to the uterus for implantation 

Ticklish Feet and Reflexology 

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A question we often get about reflexology is “will I enjoy reflexology even though I am ticklish?” And the answer is usually yes! Reflexology is usually a deeper pressure massage that bypasses the sensors that are ticklish. You can it on yourself to see the difference. First, try a very light stroke with the intention to ticket. Then, try a deeper focused pressure to one are of the foot with the intent to massage. The direct pressure and intention usually are enough to not be ticklish!

We hope this gave you a good idea of what to expect in the reflexology portion of our fertility massages!

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