Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage in Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh


Deep Heat Helps Release Stubborn Muscles

Just as when you are sore with a tight muscle and apply heat to loosen the tension, the hot stones provided a deeper pressure massage with the use of heat. The stones are heated in a warmer until they are warm to the touch but not too hot, and then they are used to massage you. As always, we encourage our clients to speak up about their preferences when it comes to the temperature of the stones and pressure of the massage. 

Structure of a Hot Stone Massage

Each massage therapist tends to have a different technique when it comes to giving any massage, and a hot stone massage is no different. At Carolina Birth and Wellness, we usually spend about 30% of the time using our hands, and about 70% with the stones. This gives us the opportunity to feel your muscles, identity what they need, and then use the stones to provide that relief. Lotion is applied with our hands, and then the lotion that is remaining helps the stones slide smoothly over your skin. 

During the massage, we will use stones of vary size to make sure that they fit your body appropriately. This may mean we use larger, round stones for the long strokes on your back and legs, more narrow stones are used to get your neck and arm muscles, and smaller stones are used on your hands and feet. We use Basalt Lava stones because they are smooth and hold heat well. The stones should never feel like they are burning you or too hot. We are trained to know the proper temperature of the stones, but we encourage our clients to tell us their preferences for the temperature before and throughout the massage. 

After the massage, we thoroughly clean each stone to continue to provide the highest safety and hygiene standards across the board to all of our clients. 

Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

One of the reasons people love hot stones massages is because they are very relaxing. The warmth and feeling of the stones on your body relaxes your body and mind in a way that is not achieved in other massages. Heat is such a wonderful tool to relax tight muscles because it releases tension much more easily. 

Furthermore, the addition of heat to a massage increase blood flow to the area that is being worked, thus increasing the temperature inside your body. This is especially wonderful for those who have poor circulation, or on a chilly day, because the warming effects of the massage last much longer than the session. 

Risks of Receiving a Hot Stone Massage

If you have any doubt about if you should receive a hot stone massage, or a massage in general, we recommend that you speak with your medical team to ensure that you are receiving the best and most safe type of massage for you. 

Some people who are more warm natured, do not like the addition of more heat to their bodies. However, we can adjust the temperature of the stones to suit you and your preferences. If you feel like you would want a hot stone massage, but would like the stones to be at a lower heat, please let us know prior to the sessions so we can prepare accordingly. 

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