Winter Newborn Must Haves

Winter Newborn Must Haves

Even though we live in the south, it still can get chilly and snowy in North Carolina in the winter. If you are expecting a new baby in that time, the weather adds another layer to how to dress both yourself and your baby if you want to get outside, or even just walking from your car to the house.

Car Seat Safety in the Winter

The first thing that we always want to remind parents, grandparents, sitters, and anyone driving babies around is proper car seat safety when it comes to  wearing coats and big sweatshirts in their carseats. 

The rule of thumb is that a bulky jacket should NOT be worn by a baby while he or she is in the car seat as the harness straps can become too loose to safely restrain a child.

So how do you keep a baby warm in a car seat when they can’t wear a jacket? If you are anything like me, turning the heat up on the car to 90 to create a rolling sweat box is just not an option. A few of our favorite tips are:

  • Have them wear their jacket backwards as they are buckled safely in their carseat (think snuggle-style).
  • Drape a blanket over their body and tuck it in around them to make sure no cold air creeps in 
  • Put a hat on them while in the car
  • Use a car seat cover

Just be careful whatever way you intend to keep them warm does not block their mouth or face in any way.  For more information about carseat safety, check out

Now the fun part: what should you buy for your winter baby?

Sleep Sack

These wearable blankets are great for making sure your baby is nice and warm, and completely safe while he or she sleeps. You can choose from a Swaddle style to keep baby’s arms close to his or her body, the wearable blanket style where arms are free to move as much as possible, or the wearable blankets with covered arms to make sure those arms are free to move and warm. All three are warm, safe, and adorable. 

Socks, socks and more socks!

I don’t know what it is about baby socks, but it is near impossible to keep a matching set together for more than 2 wash cycles. So load up on extras. We love the Smart Wool baby socks; the wool is warm, but keeps moisture off of their sweet little feet.

Footie Pajamas 

There are only a few times in life where you are allowed, and encouraged, to wear pajamas to sleep AND play in. Let your baby enjoy pajamas being their outfit of choice by getting some adorable ones with footies to make sure all of their little body is covered and warm. We love Hatley and Little Blue House for some adorable sets. Bonus: they have family sets!


Buntings are a great full body suit to go over thinner clothes or to be worn alone. They are great to layer, while also looking adorable. Our favorites are from Hanna Andersen, the classic stripes are so sweet!

Sweatshirts with Ears

Come on, now. Can you get any cuter than these sweatshirts with ears? Perfect to throw in your baby to help keep your baby looking adorable and toasty warm at the same time.  Baby Gap has some great colors to choose from!

Postpartum Doula Support

The support of a Postpartum Doula anytime is amazing, but during the winter it is extra amazing as our doulas can bring you a freshly changed baby and a cup of warm coffee so you can relax and enjoy this special time with your newborn.

Did we miss something that helped you with your winter newborn? Let us know in the comments!