Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired Method of Preparation vs Raw Method for Placenta Encapsulation 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired Method of Preparation vs Raw Method for Placenta Encapsulation 


So, how should I have my placenta encapsulated? 

There are two main ways to prepare a placenta to be encapsulated. First, there is the Traditional Chines Medicine (TCM) Inspired method in which the placenta is steamed, dehydrated and then encapsulated. Second, there is the Raw method where the placenta is only dehydrated and encapsulated. However, we only offer TCM method due to maintain the highest safety standards.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired Method

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Inspired Method of Preparation starts with the steaming of the placenta to balance the Yin and Yang from the placenta. The Yin and Yang are not absolute terms, they can change as they need to, but generally represent the opposite forces that are complimentary working together. TCM says to be in good health is have a balance Yin and Yang.  The Qi, or the energy or life force, must flow to be in good health as well. 

To encapsulated using the TCM Inspired Method, we steam your placenta using lemon and ginger. The lemon is thought of as an antiseptic, and can help move the placenta throughout the body, while the ginger acts as a warming agent.  As an added bonus, they mask the smell of placenta in your home and leave it smelling wonderful.  We then dehydrate the placenta for about 24 hours. The next day, we come back to your home to grind the dehydrated placenta and encapsulate it for you

It is important to note, we are not true TCM practitioners, so our method of preparation is an interpretation of TCM.  However, if you are interested, we can refer you to someone for a personalized herbal consultation, and can use those foods and herbs unique to you and how to balance your yin and yang. 


  • Highest safety standard as steaming the placenta is more likely to kill any bacteria on the outside of the placenta 
  • Makes the iron and other nutrients more attainable through the steaming process
  • Adheres to the Chinese belief of yin and yang, and keeping them in balance 


  • The process of steaming the placenta decreases the size of the placenta, and thus can decrease the amount capsules that are yielded from the placenta
  • Though the lemon and ginger will not be dehydrated and encapsulated, the placenta will still come in contact with them during the steaming process which could be problematic for individuals who have food sensitivities or allergies

Raw Method of Preparation

The Raw method of preparation leaves out the steaming of the placenta, and it is simply sliced and dehydrated the placenta, and then encapsulated it for you. This method is not proven to kill all blood borne pathogens and thus is not recommended by Carolina Birth and Wellness.


  • The internal temperature of the placenta does not reach a high enough temperature to kill blood borne pathogens
  • Not recommended by the CDC

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