Tips For Dealing With Morning (All Day) Sickness During Pregnancy

Pregnancy books may say morning sickness just happens during the morning, and will be over soon... Well, I will be the first to say, that wasn't true for me!

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So regardless of if your all day sickness is lasting well into your third trimester, or you have a unicorn pregnancy with only a bit of nausea, there are ways to help.

Don’t Leave Home Without a Snack

Many pregnant women find that they get sick when they are hungry, so make sure where ever you go, you have a snack with you. This can be something small like saltine crackers. Just getting something in your stomach can go a long way when trying to avoid running to the nearest bathroom. 

Small Meals

If you are able to stomach something more than crackers, eating small meals throughout the day will help you stay full, and avoid the sick feeling that comes when hungry hits.

Staying Hydrated

If you are throwing up, make sure you are not only replacing your calorie intake but also your water intake. Especially when it’s so hot, you need to stay well hydrated to feel like your best self. If it is hard to drink enough water, sucking on ice chips can be a good way to keep hydrate. 


Ginger can help ease upset stomachs, and it comes in so many different forms, you are sure to find a way that works for you. You can try eating ginger candies, drinking ginger tea, diffusing ginger essential oils, blending fresh ginger and ice in a cool drink, and so many more options! 

Relief Bands

Used for motion sickness, these bands hit pressure points in your wrist that help decrease nausea. And as many moms who experienced morning (or all day) sickness will tell you, it feels very similar to bad motion sickness. You can use these basic ones or the more advanced ones that sends pulses to interrupt your nausea receptor.


Seeing an acupuncturist regularly can help reduce nausea and is a great way to incorporate some self care into your weekly routine!

Fresh Lemon

Something about the citrus helps calm your stomach. Fresh squeezed lemon juice in ice water is something many of our clients love.

Preggie Pop Drops

These natural flavored drops are infused with essential oils and also contain vitamin B6 to help reduce nausea. 


Medical Interventions

There are medications that you can take to reduce and even eliminate nausea during pregnancy. Please always consult with your medical provider before starting to take any medication

  • Diclegis
  • Unisom and B6 (note: there are two types of unisom, and only one is safe during pregnancy)
  • Zofran 

We hope these tips help, but figure out what helps for you! If that is eating Cookout, do what you need to do. And call your doula to get some unbiased support for how delicious those shakes really are!