Self Massage Techniques To Do At Your Desk

When’s the last time that you suffered some stress at work? Raise your hand if it was today. I’m guessing that it might be as recently as today. There are never-ending deadlines. There are co-workers, who can be challenging on some days. There are also bosses, who have different kinds of challenges. And there’s just uncertainty for many people about what the future at a job might look like.

We often manifest that stress in physical ways. We tense up our shoulders. We get headaches. We have muscle aches in our arms. And taking time off of a day, regularly, to do something like get a massage, may just not be practical or affordable. That’s why there are some destressing things you can do, at your desk, in minutes, that are nearly free. What are those exercises and how do you use them? This graphic helps explain the options for you.

Infographic source: Quill