Benefits of Regular Chair Massage in the Workplace 

Benefits of Regular Chair Massage in the Workplace

The benefits of receiving any massage, be it on a massage table or in a massage chair, at a spa or at your workplace, are numerous. We believe that regular massage is a wonderful way to not only improve tension and discomfort in your body, but also decrease stress and anxiety. Our massage therapists will travel to your workplace and conduct 10 to 30 minute chair massage to provide better workplace wellness for employees and employees alike. While we would love to be there for special occasions, we also encourage businesses to consider making our on-site massages a weekly or monthly occurrence so the benefits can be felt more significantly by employees. 

Significant Benefits to Employees Receiving On-Site Massages

One chair massage session can have relaxation benefits for the remainder of the day, and sometimes week, but research has found the greatest benefit from regular chair massage. It has been found that those employees who receive 15 minute chair massages for six weeks had lower stress, less chronic pain, less fatigue, and improved mobility. (Keller, Engen, Bauer, Holmes, Rihal, Lennon, Lehrer, and Wahner-Roedler, 2012)

Lowering Stress in the Workplace

Unfortunately, stress is an all too common issue many people face on a daily basis. While regular massage will not eliminate the stress from your career, it will help you better handle the stress within your body. For at least 15 minutes during your workday, your mind and body will be relaxed. In fact, research has found that stress perception is significantly lower after just a 15 minute chair massage (Keller, Engen, Bauer, Holmes, Rihal, Lennon, Lehrer, and Wahner-Roedler, 2012).

Reduction in Back and Neck Pain in the Workplace

Chair massages are great for focused work to the back, neck and shoulders, which also happen to the place desk workers tend to have increased tension. Our massage therapists will work with clients to figure out where the tension is, and not only massage that area, but also provide office-friendly stretching to do in between massages. 

Reduction in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

Carpal tunnel syndrome is very common in the workplace with the amount of repetitive movements that accompanying many office jobs. Regular massage therapy can help reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and allow for employees to be more comfortable on a daily basis. 

Reduction of Discomfort Associated with Plantar Fasciitis 

One of our amazing therapists is trained in hand and foot reflexology, and we can provide this service in addition to on-site chair massages. While the chair massage focuses on the upper body, our reflexologist focuses on the feet to provide relief for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. 

Benefits to Employers for Providing Regular Wellness Services

Employee morale is increased when employers are able to provide the perk of on-site workplace massages. Employees feel appreciated for their commitment to their careers, and thus more satisfied with their current employment. Furthermore, preventive care of back and neck tension, carpal tunnel, stress and anxiety and wellness in general, leads to less sick days employees are taking. 

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