Cooling Herbs for Vaginal Steaming

The cooling herbs formula is a relaxing selection of herbs intended to cool and moisture while steaming. While it seems contradictory that a steaming session would be cooling, the herbs selected for this formula have cooling properties that provide moisture for wonderful vaginal steaming session. 

Due to the cooling nature of these herbs, we recommend them to anyone with a sensitivity to heat. This can include those who have hot flashes, night sweats, or just hot natured individuals.  The cooling component of these herbs can also be great if you are just living in a hot climate (like North Carolina summers for example!). Furthermore, the cooling herbs have moisturizing benefits as well. So those with vaginal dryness also benefit from this herb selection.

Herbs Included

raleigh doula
  • Irish Moss

  • Chrysanthemum

  • Lily Bulb

  • Tangerine Peel

  • Motherwort 

  • Marigold 

  • Mugwort 

  • Lavender 

If Not Suited For You

This formula really does not have many negative side effects if it not right for you. Since it does provide cooling benefits, it might not be best if you are cold natured, but even that is minimal. Furthermore, if you are concerned with the amount of vaginal discharge you have, this formula may had moisture and thus increase the discharge.

With warmer weather fast approaching, we see the cooling herbs to be a popular choice for our clients in the next few months for our in-home yoni steaming!