Gentle Herbs for Vaginal Steaming

Our gentle herb formula for yoni steaming is a relaxing blend of herbs that is intended to help with bleeding issues. By closing the blood vessels, these herbs are said to prevent unwanted bleeding. This unwanted bleeding can be for those with shorter than average menstrual cycles or those who experience spotting or bleeding between periods.

When To Use The Gentle Herb Formal 

Short Menstrual Cycles: When your menstrual cycle is less than 27 days, this is a great formula for you. The blood stopper and chi tonic herbs found in this formula help to reduce bleeding, thus extend your cycle length. 

Signs of Uterine Fatigue: In short, when you have bleeding between your period, this is a sign of uterine fatigue. This may be a full second period per month, or any spotting that occurs during the month. The herbs in the gentle formula help to reduce this unwanted bleeding. 

If You Are Under the Age of 13: Yes, yoni steaming is recommended for young women! Teaching our daughters from an early age how to properly care for their bodies is so important and the gentle herbs are just that: gentle. Note: we also recommend other modifications for those younger than 13 such as shorter steaming times. 

Herbs Included:

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  • Chamomile

  • Tangerine Peel

  • Astragalus

  • Cornsilk

  • Peppermint

  • Parsley 

  • Mugwort

If Not Suited For You

If you use the gentle herb formula and it is not suited for you, you may notice that you menstrual cycle is longer than normal. If you notice this, please let us know, and we can adjust the herbs used for your next steam. Our goal is that your menstrual cycle is right around the 28 day mark, and though it might be nice to have a longer cycle, this is what is best for the body. 

Schedule your in-home yoni steam with the gentle herb formula today! We look forward to working with you!