I am your doula

"Doulas provide emotional, physical, and informational support to women during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.”


What...does that even mean? 

Historically, doulas are simply defined as one woman helping another woman during childbirth.  And while that is still true, our role has evolved into one that does not fit into a specific time period nor do we only help one member of the family.  By truly understanding the ways in which a doula can help you and your family, your true value is realized. 

SO here goes!

Well, I am the doula for you if you are going to have a baby and care about the process as much as the outcome.

I am your doula when the pain is too much. And I am your partner’s doula when he or she is scared watching you.  I am your parent's doula when they don't want to see their baby upset.

I am the doula that will help you write your birth plan.

I am the doula that is available for questions about a strange feeling you had, or to answer that random question that pops into your head. 

I am the doula that can provide additional reading and handouts about something your doctor said that you would like more clarification on.

I am the doula that can happily talk about nursery colors and what baby gear you need and what baby gear you definitely need.

I am the doula that can be with you at doctors appointments either to support you and your partner, or to fill in if your partner is not able to attend.

I am the doula that will listen to your concerns about where you should give birth and help your figure out what is best for you, your baby, and your family,

I am the doula that will be on call and be at your birth, no matter what. 

I am the doula that will be with you during your labor and delivery to help emotional support you during the birth of your child, to help suggest different positions and techniques to support you physically during childbirth, and answer any questions you have that arise during the process.

I am the doula that will come to your house, see your adorable newborn, and help you adjust to life with a baby.

I am the doula that can help with feeding and sleeping questions for your newborn.

I am the doula that can talk about what your postpartum body is going through and how to help make that transition easier.  

I am YOUR physical, emotional and informational support doula throughout YOUR pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

So let's talk, shall we?