Placenta Prints

Placenta Prints

As a complimentary service for all clients that have their placentas encapsulated with us, we provide the option to have a print of the placenta made prior to being cut and dehydrated. The print is a wonderful way to have a visual reminder of how amazing your placenta was for both you and your baby. We use professional quality artist paper so that you may hang the print on your wall, or store in your baby box to always remember the beauty of your placenta.

Food Safe Dye vs. Natural Colors for Placenta Prints

We give our clients the choice to have their placenta print made with food safe dye or natural colors. As far as safety wise, both are completely safe. We use food safe dyes for any colors that you wish to have on your print. The food safe dyes make beautiful prints that are can be customized based on your preference. Furthermore, the colors can bring out the different sections of your placenta and the amazing veins that provided blood and nutrients to your baby for the last nine months. As a warning: the food safe dyes do stain the placenta, and while it does not effect the encapsulation process, it does discolor the umbilical cord. If you are looking forward to a cord keepsake, this is just something to be aware of prior to choosing to use food safe dyes. 

Some clients prefer to use natural colors for their print. These are just as beautiful and also highlight the remarkable parts of your placenta. We use the blood left in the umbilical cord to provide a deep red colored print. There is no discoloration to the placenta or cord if you decide to use natural colors for your print. 

No Two Placentas, and No Two Placenta Prints

Each placenta is very different. Some are large, some are small. Some are thick, and some are thin. And though all placentas have a general disc shape, some do not conform to that disc shape after birth. While we make your print, we will position your placenta in a way that you can see the truly unique shape of yours. 

And while some prints turn out amazing, some do not. We remove the membranes prior to making the print, so more of the topography of the placenta is available for the print, but sometimes the prints do not do the placenta justice. For these reasons, please understand that sometimes the quality and clarity of the print is out of our control.

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