5 Ways to Rock Your Cesarean Birth

5 Ways to Rock Your Cesarean Birth

Last time, we talked about what you can do to prepare yourself both physically and emotional for a cesarean birth. But now, it’s the big day! Your baby is about to be born! Below are a few of our favorite ways to rock the birth experience on the day of your planned cesarean!

Enjoy the Known Aspects of Your Birth

A planned cesarean means you know the day your baby will be born. It means you know exactly when you should leave for the hospital. It means theres no late night Googling of “what does a contraction feel like?”

Give Yourself Time 

With having a scheduled cesarean birth, you will be given a time to report to the hospital as well as given a time of the procedure. However, those times may be adjusted a bit. If there is an emergency, planned procedures may be pushed back due to OR availability or staffing needs. While this can be really frustrating when you are just waiting, it can just be part of the process. Make sure you have a some activities to keep yourself busy. 

Get Your Doula Involved 

Your doula may not be doing hip squeezes galore during your labor, but we can be there to provide the emotional support that is always needed on the day of your birth of your baby. We can help talk through any of myriad of emotions you may be feeling, we can help interpret what the doctors and nurses are telling you, and we can provide a little humor to experience! We have watched The Price Is Right with our clients, and believe it or not, the partner didn’t know about Plinko! Can you believe that???

Be Prepared for the Room and the Procedure

An OR is very different setting than a labor and delivery room. We always like to go over with our doula clients how the room will feel so they are more prepared. There will be a bit more people present due to the nature of having a major abdominal surgery. There will be extra doctors, nurses, and support personnel to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. It can feel a bit overwhelming, but everyone will be so excited to help welcome your baby into the world, it will feel like an amazing place to birth your baby!

The process is pretty quick. They will take you back into the OR, make sure you are completely numb, and then you will birth your baby! After the baby is born, the process will be a bit slower as you will be stitched back up. But at the point, it won’t matter as much-your baby will be here!

And Lastly, Get Excited 

You are having your baby today! Take pictures, post on social media, spend time with your family! This is a day you will remember for the rest of your life, and you should feel great.

As always, our doulas are always available to chat! Look for our next blog about what to expect after you have had a cesarean birth in a few days!